Monday, October 1, 2012


And no, I don't mean the bastardized American dessert. I mean perfect, or really, purrrrrfect. That's what the weekend was over here at Chez moi. (I'm brushing up on my French for our upcoming trip. I'm hoping that my French will deflect the hatred that the French feel for us after David makes a fart joke in a swanky restaurant.)

It's weird to say that the weekend was perfect, because it was pretty average content wise. But I guess it was made perfect by the fact that it was just really enjoyable, mood wise. I had the perfect balance of fun and relaxation, seeing friends/family and being alone, eating well and eating gelato, etc., etc.

Friday it all kicked off when I went to get my haircut. On the walk to the salon, I saw this little pumpkin garden.

Gah!!! It's freaking October, people!!!

After my haircut, I spent a few hours checking my email working at a coffee shop before meeting my friend Naomi for a girls' night. She has a regular group of ladies that go out together, and on Friday she was nice enough to include me. We headed to the St. Julien, which is a very swanky hotel near Pearl St. Probably not my first choice given how important all the other guests seemed to think themselves, but I had a pumpkin beer and a double IPA that made me feel real good and made me think everything was really funny. Like I said, perfect! Luckily David was working with a friend on Pearl St., and not only did he drive me home, but he also bought me gelato beforehand!

Saturday was about relaxing. I cleaned the house while David worked, after which I went down to town for the Farmer's Market. Again, it was perfect: warm but not hot, with lots of people about because of the CU/UCLA game and it being Parents' Weekend at school.

A nice walk on the tree-lined street David and I used to live on...

My Farmer's Market stash:

To top off our happy and relaxing Saturday, David and I went to see a mediocre movie. Yes, people, The Master is most definitely a mediocre movie. Sigh. I love Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix. But this movie was just in another galaxy as far as I'm concerned. See it. Let me know if I'm nuttzo and it was actually really good but you had to be smarter than a pencil eraser to "get it."

Sunday was good, though David and I got to spend about five seconds of it together. He had to go help his parents' move, while I went to get pedicures with my Mom.

First, I made pancakes for us:

Not a drop of maple syrup to be found. (Though I did have a bite of David's with syrup, and it tasted much better than mine. I might have to reconsider my policy on this.)

After breakfast I drove down to my parents' house to meet my Mom for our pedicure party. It was relaxing and I enjoyed catching up with my Mom, though the nail technician wasn't what I would call attentive to detail. 

Instead of getting perfectly-painted nails, I had to go home (before this picture) and clean these guys up since the nail tech had slobbed red nail polish all over.

Luckily I was able to assuage myself over my sloppy nails with some TV at my parents' house.

Yes, this is Mrs. Doubtfire. But I swear I only watched it for, like, two minutes before we turned it to football.

The two final highlights of my day were driving home alongside this:

And watching Haruki lick herself to death.

Let's just say that she must have had a diiiiiiiirty day...

*Are you glad it is October? Have you ever gotten a pedicure/manicure that was very obviously sub-par? I mean, if I wanted my nails painted by a three year-old, I'd have David do it and spend the saved cash on nut butters.


  1. Parfaits always remind me of cafeteria food. I do like cool whip though. Diiiiiirty. Maybe that's what Haruki was into.

    Your pics are great these days. Can you take pics while using the Popsocket. Perhaps David needs to invent an IPhone tripod next.

    I am glad it's October although I liked September. I have never had a pedicure...ever. Mike did let my niece paint a few of his toenails pink once. She did a pretty good job.

    Amen to finally appreciating syrup.

    Also you broke my cardinal rule of no foot shots on a blog, but I suppose you were at least talking about feet and not just tossing it in for no reason.

    Have a kale filled week!!

    1. Thanks for the photo props. That means a lot given the quality of your photography.
      I felt all defensive and insecure when you said that you have never had a pedicure,* but then I remembered that not everything is about me. Whew!
      Seriously, though, I've had three pedicures in the last six months--a record!--and I can say with confidence that they're not worth the money. You should spend your dollas on some of your favorite paint:-)
      *Which, in NarcissismLand means that I'm a stuffy girly-girl for having gotten one.