Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ruki's Big Adventure


Ruki had a big adventure, but unfortunately it was not of the good variety. Sigh. Ruki is a very athletic and active dog, and since we live in a remote area we often let her off-leash to run up and down the hills around us. But yesterday she must've hit a sharp rock, or a piece of glass or metal, because she came home from a short run/walk with a bleeding paw.

Here is David and Haruki after we bandaged up her paw. Prior to this, she kept trying to stick her entire foot into her mouth so she could lick out all the blood. (Yuck)

No, David does not have cancer. 

It was actually pretty cute, though after a bit we realized that her paw wouldn't stop bleeding and we would probably have to take her to the vet. If you have a dog then you know that this is bad news, since even having a bandage wrapped is about $100.

As you can see, she didn't look too upset, and actually seemed like she'd rather chase the local fox instead of going to the vet. But about a half hour after she cut it, she started really limping on her leg and wouldn't put any weight on it. So, to the vet we went, where we were told that they would have to put her under sedation and stitch up the cut, which was in the little webbing between her toes and quite deep. Balls! If getting a bandage wrapped is $100, then you can imagine how much it costs to put a dog under and do (minor) surgery. I guess I'll have to forgo all those fancy French designer clothes when we go to Paris next month.

Luckily Haruki is okay, and after ten!!! stitches she came back to us looking totally stoned but okay. (I mean so stoned that her tongue was lolling out the side of her mouth and she stumbled towards me like drunk kids towards a late-night gyro cart.)

Here's an idea of how stoned she was:

She was not leaning her head off the side of the couch. Instead, she started looking across the living room, continued to stare blankly for about five minutes, and then her head just kind of drooped and she appeared as though she were unconscious.

Today, she's all bandaged up resting:

On the bright side, she does have that cute Halloween bandage, _and_!!! she gets to wear a big cone around her head at night so she doesn't chew her foot off. (Hilarious pictures forthcoming--it didn't seem right to photograph her in her cone last night when she was freaking her shit and generally confused.)

*Is it wrong that I laughed really hard when the vet brought her out after surgery and she looked like, well, one of my students on 4/20?


  1. The poodle had her teeth cleaned a few months back and while under we had two spots removed from her back and paw. She was so stoned when I picked her up from the vet she peed on me as I was holding her. Or maybe she was just pissed at me for taking her in the first place (a little pun humor for ya today). We had to go back a few days later for the cone since she wouldn't stop licking and she kept running into doorframes. I laughed every time so don't feel bad. Hope the pooch is feeling better!

    1. I bet you've never thrown a blanket over your dog and then called her into the wall...
      What?!! It's not like she was running into the wall or anything--just a slow walk/stumble:-)