Thursday, October 25, 2012


Does anyone else find it strange to read other bloggers' descriptions of the weather when it is completely different where you are? This morning I read a couple of East coast bloggers who were remarking on the fact that fall had finally arrived.

Here, however, fall is gone. And winter is here instead.

Ta-da! Enjoy the dry roads wherever you are, because it looks like they won't be dry for long.

Last night's storm brought us about five inches of snow, and it gave me a good chance to try out my snow tires on my first snowy drive from our new house this morning. Let me preface this by saying that I do not like driving in the snow. It's scary, and I usually spend the whole drive convinced that I have seconds left to live. Living in the mountains now has heightened this anxiety, since we live up a fairly steep canyon. But, luckily they plow our road really well, and this morning's drive was pretty non-eventful.

The whole day, actually, has been pretty uneventful. I went to run some errands in town, and then I went to a Cardioblast class at my gym. Now I'm cozied up with Haruki, enjoying some CNN and my new hat:

Yup, that's a makeup free picture. I'm not afraid if you all know that I have hair on my upper lip. And, in my defense, I was up every two hours with Haruki, who still has to wear her cone head at night to prevent her from licking herself. She really really really hates the cone, so she woke me about four times panting, knocking her head into me, etc., etc.

This picture does no justice to how hilarious Ruki's cone head behavior is. She is still unused to it, so she has a tendency of cutting corners too close and knocking it into the wall. She's a lot like those elephants in Jumanji, actually.

Luckily for her, David is going to the hardware store tonight to see if he can rig up a cover for her leg that would prevent licking but not freak her out as much as that cone. She has no idea how lucky she is that David is her dog "dad."

*What's the weather like where you are? Do you have a mustache?


  1. It was high 70's and perfect here today. Tomorrow brings 50's and rain. Driving in the snow is completely variable based on the car you are driving. I LOVE driving in the snow in my Jeep. Love love love it. I almost prefer it to driving in rain. I find it very peaceful. But stick me in our sedan and I am a giant bundle of nerves. Speaking of snow, what's the deal with snow tires? My Jeep just has one set of all terrain (ish) tires. Do you own two sets of tires for your car? If so, where do you store the set you aren't using? Do you then have to lug them to the shop twice a year? I seriously have no clue how this works. The snow is pretty there. Looking forward to more pictures! Oh and looking forward to seeing what replaces the cone. Perhaps it will be even better than the Popsockets invention!

    1. Yes, I own two sets of tires for my car, though only because I bought my car from my Mom and she had snow tires. Until then I'd never bought or used snow tires, but they are really helpful when you're driving a car that doesn't have 4 wheel drive. We store the extra set in the garage, and I pay about $50 to have them switched at the beginning and end of winter.
      P.S. David's invention did work, and I'll post more about it later today!

  2. It's 25 degrees (C) in Perth, Western Australia! We are heading into summer weather now, I am loving all your snowy, winter time photos :)
    My mo' is waaaay darker than yours! I am considering taking part in Movember this year haha

    1. I'm glad to hear that you all don't hate the boring landscape photos, and even more glad to hear that you also have a mustache!!! My Mom has always waxed hers and so I did the same thing for a long time, but it's just too taxing to worry about scheduling waxes, buying wax, etc., etc. (I stopped dyeing my hair about seven years ago for the same reason.)