Monday, October 22, 2012


Ours calls for snow this week...eek!! [Pause for call to car shop so I can have my snow tires put on.] Okay, I'm back! Anyway, snow, people, snow. We had a bit of it a few weeks ago, but this looks to be the first actual snow storm, and I am not ready.

This weekend, at least, was beautiful. On Saturday I went shopping at the outlet mall in Silverthorne, Colorado with my parents, my sister in law Sarah, my brother, my sister in law Jennifer, and my nieces.

Including this little strawberry:

Silverthorne is a little mountain town that has become quite commercialized, with big stores and outlet shops. It still boasts some good views, though:

Gas station notwithstanding, of course.

In addition to buying some shirts and pants for David (geez I'm married, aren't I?), I bought myself some new running shoes. But not just any running shoes, I bought stylish and pretty Nike running shoes:

Unlike those other healthy living bloggers, I am not going to post next about how I ran a half marathon in these babies. Instead, I spent most of the weekend wearing them around the house. Actually, David offered, and then did, chase me around the house so I could get some "miles" on them.

After shopping all day Saturday I was exhausted and ready to chill at home, but we were committed to a party that our friend Adam was having to celebrate his new (and first) home! I have no pictures to prove this, but despite being tired at first I had a good time talking to some old friends and meeting new ones. Blech. That sounds a little too perfect and cliché, doesn't it? I suppose it would be more accurate to say that I did really enjoy seeing and talking with a few close friends, which was followed by some moments of feeling socially awkward and tired, which was followed by a decent conversation about books with a female author whom I had never met. At the very least I have some book recommendations now that I didn't have before the party.

Sunday was a day of relaxation, including a nice mountain bike ride with David. We went up Sunshine Canyon through Gold Hill, Colorado and towards the Peak to Peak highway, and it was really nice to be outside, riding, with David. We even argued about philosophy and politics. #truelove #istilldontknowwhatthesepoundsignsarefor

Holy thighs, Batman!

After our bike ride David commenced grading for an exam he gave recently, and I kicked off my Sunday TV program. I don't really care about football, but for some reason I still really like to watch it/have it on in the background on Sundays. It just seems right. 

*Do you watch/follow football? Also, if you've had a baby, did you get chicken pox as a kid yourself or have the varicella vaccine before conceiving? Umm, just wondering...


  1. I don't understand football. It doesn't look like a rule-governed game to me. Also, I think it's too dangerous, because it gives people brain injuries. Aren't I fun?
    Also, I had chicken pox as a kid. And when I got my green card, they tested whether I still had the antibodies, which I did. But no baby.

  2. I had chicken pox as a kid (still have the scars to prove it). Nowadays I think everybody gets vaccinated against it. So much for pox parties. I don't think the topic ever even came up with my OBGYN when I was pregnant though.

    Reading blogs seems to give people liberties they do not deserve. For instance we don't know each other and have never met but I feel okay asking you ARE YOU PREGNANT!!!! Cause there has been a lot of baby talk these days. Feel free to tell me to shove off and it's not my business.

  3. Muwahaha! I totally lured you into commenting with the pregnancy bait--woohoo!
    But no, I am not pregnant.
    David and I were planning on "trying" next month while we are on our honeymoon in France. The topic of chickenpox came up this weekend with my family, however, and I have apparently never had it. This prompted a lot of research on my part, and apparently the vaccine is recommended for pregnant women who haven't had chickenpox. Unfortunately, they recommend getting two doses, one month apart, followed by at least one month, but ideally three months of waiting before "trying." So, this means that we could be looking at waiting four months before we can go for it, unless we just risk the (very low) chances that I'd get CP while pregnant. Also, I had my blood drawn yesterday and I'm waiting to hear back if I just happen to be immune to it already.
    Whew! I'm not even a parent and already it feels so complicated! I'm ready--for the first time ever--to try for a baby, but the Type A part of me would worry about being exposed to chickenpox even if the chances are very low and the chance for serious complications for baby in the case of exposure are also very low.
    Whattya think, as a Mom who likes maple syrup?