Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Flu Shot Blues

Uggg, gah, waaaah, blahhhh. Apparently that flu shot that I got yesterday is giving me the run around today, because I feel crappppy, people! (Not so crappy that I can't add unnecessary letters to all my words, though.)

I'm prolly going to pull through, but at around ten a.m. this morning I started feeling feverish and woozy.  I ran some errands around town, including getting my niece Riley a birthday present:

Her birthday is today, but we aren't celebrating until tomorrow evening. I'll keep you posted regarding the cake situation.

Unfortunately, I started feeling woozy in Target, so I was unable to waste more money on makeup, pens, and new types of crackers, i.e. random things that I don't need but really really really want after seeing them at Target. Sigh. Sometimes when the cashier asks if I've found everything I was looking for I feel like smacking them in the face and screaming, "Yah, duh! This is Target, isn't it?!!" (Same applies to Whole Foods. Those f-ers know that you're leaving with a new Autumn-inspired tea that you don't need--am I right??)

I was scheduled to get a massage today, but because I wasn't feeling well I asked David to take the appointment so that I could come home and rest. David got me the massage as a gift, so it's especially crummy to miss it. Oh well. I did take Haruki on a nice short walk, and I also took a nap and leisurely read all the documents pertaining to the USADA investigation into doping in cycling. In case you hadn't heard, sh%& is about to hit the fan for Mr. Lance Armstrong. I doubt that any of you care about cycling as a sport, but my family and I have always been big fans so this is disappointing, though totally expected. I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't cut it as a doping pro cyclist. Just getting my blood drawn and reinfused would make me feel like I need to take the day to rest rather than ride up the French freaking Alps.

Finally, I'm going to sign off now with the excuse that I'm feeling unwell. But I wanted to share the photos that I took this morning of the sunrise. I set my alarm for six a.m. because I really do enjoy being up early, and this was my reward:

*What are your sleeping/waking hours these days?


  1. OMG! You put a giant bow on the car. That's awesome. When you buy me mine I'd like a giant bow too please. Thanks.

    Last year I had the preservative free flu shot and I had no reaction at all compared to my previous mercury filled ones that made me feel icky. Not sure if that was coincidence or not, but I plan on remaining mercury free from now on.

    I love your sunrise picture number two. Skip this whole college thing, buy yourself a camera and be a photographer. You live in too pretty of an area not to be! My two cents.

    1. I like your idea about quitting school to take pictures, though I've already promised someone else that if I quit academia I will go into the adult entertainment industry.
      Regarding that effing flu shot, I got the mercury free kind! David made me, and I did it even though the nurse who gave me the shot definitely thought I was overreacting about a little bit of mercury. (You would think that working in Boulder she would've come across people who are, like, on mercury free diets, or only ingest mercury when their gluten levels are low or something.)