Friday, October 26, 2012


Yah. Sorry, peeps. It's been pretty boring over here on NCK this week. I've been a real bonehead about photographing what I'm eating, and thus there has been a dearth of those photos as well as fun! stories.

Today is no exception. The most exciting thing that I've done this week:

AKA my second ever spaghetti squash roasting. As a kid my mom always made acorn squash only, so it wasn't until about a year ago that I tried making spaghetti squash. Actually, that might've been the first time I'd eaten it, too. So sad.

I remedied all this hardcore last night by roasting this little puppy and then giving it a litta sizzla in the pan with some aduki beans, olive oil, garlic powder, and salt and pepper. Garlic powder has been in all my foods this week for some reason; I got it for a specific recipe and have since discovered that it adds an interesting and yummy flavor to lots o stuff.

The final product, with some parmesan cheese:

Not too shabby, for a novice. After sauté-ing the squash and beans in our cast iron pan I cranked up the heat and let the bottom turn into a nice crispy pancake. I think this would've been even better had I added some eggs and put it in the oven to bake off--kind of like a savory pancake meets breakfast quiche.

The only other exciting piece of news I have to share is the most recent development in Haruki's busted foot. She is still a complete gimp from cutting open her paw, and because we have opted not to torture her with the cone head that prevents licking, David went to work on another device that could prevent her from licking her back paw but not prevent her (and me!!!) from losing another night's sleep because a certain someone has doggy panic attacks with the cone head on.

And so, I give you, The Pimped Out Paw Pipe!

OK, so it's not really a Pimped Out Paw Pipe, but instead a piece of piping from the hardware store that we stick on Ruki like a boot. There will not be another Kickstarter video for this latest of David's inventions, I'm sorry to say.

But it does seem to be working, as Ruki actually slept last night instead of panting heavily at two hour intervals while trying to climb on top of my chest.

Doesn't she look completely dejected? She doesn't realize that that pipe is the only thing standing between her and the cone. And, in case you are a sick f$%* like me wondering, she can walk with this boot on. The best part is that she overcompensates for the boot and picks up her back leg really high--kind of like that little dog in As Good As It Gets--you know, when he walks over cracks in the sidewalk but lifts his paws up as high as he possibly can? I just hope Ruki doesn't realize that David and I are making fun of her while she does it...

*Weekend plans? Got any spaghetti squash recipes for me?


  1. Just found your blog and I love it! We have a lot in common- I live in CO, too, and have struggled with some similar issues. I just got married, as well!
    Glad to find your blog!

    1. Hooray! Thanks for your comment; I was *this* close to pimping myself out because I'm desperate to keep my five readers interested and entertained. Since you're on board now I think I'll postpone that...

    2. Ha! How did you plan to pimp yourself out? Billboards? Magazine ads? :) Hold off for now. I'm reading!

    3. I'm pretty sure I could get a lot of business on campus--lots of geeky math/science Ph.Ds that would be thrilled to find an intelligent and low-cost "escort." (Yes, I'm cheap.)

  2. I'm still reading! In fact, I get a little miffed sometimes that you don't post on the weekends. I added you to my blog love page so that might get you at least one more reader. Maybe?

    I'm boring too...I like spaghetti squash with butter and parmesan cheese and salt. The little one just eats it straight up.

    1. I'm am made happy every time you comment, MB!!! (Really.) And thanks for the blog love! (It's going to pay off when Popsockets hits it big, I promise!)