Monday, October 15, 2012


My goodness I don't know how 9-5ers do it. Seriously. On MWF I set my alarm for six or six-fifteen so I have time to get ready and read the news before going to my Boot Camp class at the gym. On some days it feels really really good to be up early. On other days, like today, I feel tired immediately and continue to feel that way for the remainder of the day.

Being sleepy, however, is not going to stop me from posting about my weekend, which was good--another nice balance of fun, relaxing, and getting a few things done.

Friday was definitely more on the relaxing side, as David was getting ready for a convention for new inventors that was held in Denver on Saturday. Here is David cooing over the banner that he made:

And here is the dinner I made so that he could stroke his ego uninterrupted:

I am like two shakes away from being a real wife, people. I even spent Sunday morning cleaning the house, and right now I'm at home doing laundry. Oooh ooh! I forgot to mention that I also got upset when Haruki tracked dirt onto the floor that I had just vacuumed and mopped. I am _definitely_ getting close to legit wife status. Also, David might be liking me a lot less lately as a result:-)

On Saturday morning David rushed off to his convention, while I went to a class at my gym and then came home for a huge dose of nooooothing! That is, I took a walk with Haruki and otherwise occupied myself with watching movies.

David was doing this at the convention:

Yes, that is a video of his ass on the left. In person it is much nicer.

As much fun as this looks like, David was ready to leave earlier than the 7:30 end time, which meant that we had time to meet for dinner before going to see his niece Sophie's choir concert in Denver.

I was pretty pumped about this, since David and I don't consistently go on "dates" all by ourselves. We went to City O' City, which is a vegetarian restaurant right by the Capitol building. In typical date night fashion we decided to treat ourselves to pizza. I started with a beer that resembled a saison, and we also shared a La Osa salad: greens, chopped up bits of apricot, garbanzo beans, and red onions.

A strange-sounding combination, but very good! We tried the seitan sausage and poblano pepper pizza, which we ordered lite on the cheese.

Apparently the message about cheese was not received, but this was a nice yummy treat nonetheless. I was tempted to order dessert--they have the best bakery at City O' City--but they were out of the pumpkin cheesecake so I decided against stuffing myself just for the sake of it. 

Instead we went to Sophie's choir concert, where I was reminded of how awkward and stressful high school can be.

This nice blond lady got the brunt of my flash. Whoops.
While I had gotten in lots of couch time on Saturday, on Sunday I just decided to go for it and spend another afternoon watching movies.

In the afternoon David and I took Haruki for a walk, after which we went down to Boulder to have dinner at our friend Adam's house. He just bought his first place, and he kindly offered to cook for us. We feasted on soba noodles with a cilantro sauce that he concocted, as well as steamed asparagus and broccolini and some sauteed tempeh. I already told Adam so I can say it here, but tempeh is not my most favorite thing. Give me a piece of deep-fried tofu over tempeh any day. Heh.

*Do you like your pizza über-cheesy? Cheese-less? Did you eat pizza this weekend also?


  1. David never seems all that "excited" about Popsockets. I wanna see him jumping or doing jazz hands or something.

    Mike is an extra sauce kinda guy. I am extra cheese. If you add them together you get one messy pizza.

  2. I'll work on the photo of David looking excited. Be forewarned, however, that David does own a neon green banana hammock á la Borat.
    Maybe I'll get a picture of him in his Borat outfit + a messy pizza. Would that "do it" for you?