Friday, October 5, 2012


Oh man it's officially not summer here anymore:

While very pretty, I'm not quite sure that I'm ready to be scraping off my car just yet...

So, it's finally Friday! For the first weekend in awhile, neither David or I have any set plans just yet. David in particular is trying to avoid making plans because he is completely swamped with Popsockets work. He just got a new prototype this week, and they (finally!) look great. That means that he is currently making last-minute changes and generally getting ready to send off the details to a manufacturer in China, who will make the molds for the cases and then--finally!--start making them en masse.

Whew. It's been a long journey for Popsockets--almost three years now, but it looks like they might finally be made.

If, by some freak chance Popsockets actually go big, what do you all think I should buy first with all the money? I think I'd like a car that drives well in the snow, since living up in the mountains isn't ideal with my Honda Accord. Of course, not a brand new car. That's just stupid, and even if we become overnight millionaires I'm not going to become stupid overnight. (Sorry if you buy brand new cars, but my feeling is that a car that is pretty new, but with a few thousand miles on it is a much better investment.)

I'd also like to actually furnish our house. I haven't shown you all many pictures of the house yet, but it is sparsely furnished with furniture that a friend is letting us use. We could really use some money to buy chairs, kitchenware that wasn't given to us by the insurance company after the fire, bath mats, etc., etc., largely because alotta the dollas that David received from insurance to replace all of his things after the fire went to help fund Popsockets. Gulp.

And, finally, I'd like a microwave. I miss being able to heat things up quickly rather than start the stove or oven.

On a totally unrelated note, I also wanted to survey you all regarding running uphill. In general, I'm a fan of uphill running: you pretty much have to take it easy and go slow(er), so in some ways it can be more relaxing. On the other hand, running uphill is undoubtedly harder. Sometimes running on flat ground is just the ticket for a nice relaxing exercise session. What do you all think? I'm wondering because David thinks I'm crazy for going to the YMCA to run when we have all these trails around our house. (The only problem with the trails is that they are all on the side of a very, very steep mountain, which means that you run down and then run back up. And I mean up--the incline is probably, on average, 10-12%.) (That's f-ing steep, y'all.)

*Am I a baby for wanting a relatively flat surface to run on?

*What would you buy first if you struck it rich? Do you think it's true that mo money = mo problems?

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