Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Preggo Friend

Happy Wednesday, peeps. Um, is it just my Thursday-Saturday work schedule, or does the first half of the week go by really quickly these days? Also, tomorrow is August. WTF?

I celebrated the last day of July with my usual Bootcamp class and lunch with my friend Andrea. Before lunch, however, I had some time to kill. So I went to a coffee shop to read and recharge. By recharge I mean indulge in a baked good, specifically, zucchini bread.


Lunch was good and now I'm sitting on the couch in a tank top and boxer shorts feeling tired. I'm probably going to take a nap this afternoon, you know--to prepare for my three day excuse of a work week:-)

But I've also been thinking recently about being pregnant and having friends. Having seen my friend Andrea today and my friends Michaela and Adam last night, I've realized how much things are going to change once we have this baby. Even more than that, I realize that things have already changed. I mean, I have friends that have kids. But I also have a strong contingent of friends that don't have kids and for whom having kids is anathema.

Since I used to be a person that didn't really want kids I totally understand the sentiment. However, now that I'm pregnant, when I hang out with those friends I just feel kinda weird. It's definitely me and not them, but I just feel a bit awkward and irrelevant in a strange way, like because I'm pregnant and I'm going this family route I'm not as edgy or interesting as I used to be. And, practically speaking, it is just true that I'm not as edgy or interesting.

Anyway, I'm not complaining exactly, just noting something that I've been sensing recently. I suppose I'll just chalk it up to another thing about pregnancy that is cuckoo and strange. Like, for instance, actually being able to rest stuff on my belly shelf now... heh.

*Do you have any friends with whom having or not having kids has made your friendship slightly "off" or different?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Photo Fly By

Yah, it's been a busy day and I'm just now getting a chance to blog and catch my breath. I spent this morning cleaning and getting ready to have friends over for dinner tonight. Then I went to BodyPump at my gym. Then I went in to work for a few hours, came home and prepped, had friends over, and now here I am.

With my busy day and all I guess it's a good thing I made banana oatmeal for breakfast. I was kinda proud of myself because it tasted pretty good.

On the perimeter you'll see my usual nut butter accompaniments, as well as a leftover iced decaf latte that I didn't finish on Monday.

After my BodyPump class I headed...where else--Whole Foods. I took a few pictures of the little baby tomatoes because they really are bordering on cute.

I thought about just buying a pint of these and eating it with some bread and pesto, but instead I opted for this:

Yes, that's chicken, people. I ate some.

I also ate a really tasty pear that really gave my hands a nice sticky sheen:-)

And now, friends, I'm in bed watching my belly move like that scene from Alien. Being pregnant is so weird.

*Did your hands get sticky today? Care to share why/how? :-)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Eats, eats, eats

Well it's Monday again. Woot. Heh. I'm sitting on the couch typing this before leaving to take my car in to the repair shop. I'm just getting the oil changed, but I still always get nervous that they will find something else and call me with a $500 bill. Guess I should just buy a 2013 BMW and then I wouldn't have to worry about repairs, huh. Actually, even if I could afford it, I would not buy a 2013 anything, let alone a BMW. I mean, they look super nice, but I'm pretty sure I'd just buy a Subaru Forester. I don't  think I'd like having a car that drew a lot of attention.

Ahem. Anyway. On to the weekend. It went by in a blur for me. Saturday was beaucoup busy at work, and on Sunday I went to yoga and then came home and pretty much zonked out. Speaking of yoga, I actually didn't hate it for the first hour this time! After the first hour, however, I was pretty much ready to leave. Unfortunately the class dragged on so that we could all share more about how we're doing in our pregnancies. Sigh. It ended up being a nearly two hour class. If we were actually exercising, instead of doing what is essentially prenatal yoga stretching I might be okay with that. But two hours of stretching, breathing, and sharing feelings just makes my blood pressure go up. Oh well.

In addition to demonstrating how not-centered and peaceful I am, I also have some food highlights to show you all.

On Thursday I treated myself to a croissant. Yum!

I was also lucky enough to have some homemade waffles, since my neighbor Barb had made some and sent over the batter, whipped cream, strawberries, and a waffle iron.

I may have also done this the next day:

Yah. That's straight up whipped cream.

I balanced it out with some banana oats:

And also with some brussels sprouts, which I cooked yesterday.

Good eats, right? Perhaps not my healthiest weekend, but...that's okay. After the baby's arrival--in approximately nine weeks--I will apparently be faced with the most intense pressure to "get my body back" thanks to people like Kim Kardashian. So...someone get me some pizza, quick!

*No question for today. Just this:

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Random Haps

Whew, people! And happy Wednesday! Wednesday isn't really my favorite day anymore since I started working Thursday-Saturday, but since I only work three days out of the week I guess I can't be too bitchy about it:-)

So far today has been pretty packed full of stuff, from Bootcamp first, then shower time, then an appointment at the doctor's office. I have to go every two weeks from here on out--how much does that suck?! But, good news--apparently there is still a baby in there, and apparently she's doing great! (I still want to see it before I 100% believe it.)

After my appointment I headed to Whole Foods to pick up a few things and also to grab lunch. Lunch:

I ate lunch while perusing a book on childbirth. Some of the pictures in the book are quite graphic, so I worried that the people sitting next to me might be disturbed. Um, but I didn't stop reading or anything so I guess I wasn't that concerned or I'm just a bad, lazy person.

After lunch I went to get my hair cut. After my hair cut, I went to meet David and his mom on Pearl Street for a walk. They had lunch at Pizzeria Locale while I was at my haircut, but I figured I could stop by and say hi for a short walk.

After that, I came home, took out the trash, emptied out the fridge a bit, and proceeded to make that Daily Garnish lemon parsley pasta salad.

Zucchini add-in:

Just before refrigerating:

Looking at the pictures makes me want to go eat some. But it's only three thirty. Luckily I have this piece of sweet potato zucchini bread that I picked up on Pearl Street while I waited to meet David and his mom.

It has a lot of cinnamon and nutmeg in it, which is a tiny little reminder that summer is almost over and soon it will be time for fall foods and drinks. I typically don't love the arrival of fall, just because I know that winter comes after it. But this fall is looking like it will be pretty special, so I'm kinda excited anyway.

And now, I'm going to sign off, read some blogs, and maybe take a nap before demolishing some of that pasta. David and I are thinking about watching a movie tonight--any recommendations?

*Are you looking forward to this fall?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Let's Play...Boil or Bug Bite!?!!

Oh mama it's hot outside today. I should really consider taking up swimming. If only my swimsuit fit me right now and I wasn't too cheap to buy a bigger or pregnant swimsuit.

To kick off the hot day I made myself another smoothie. I ate/drank my smoothie while also eating a piece of peanut butter toast and checking up on all my emails and news.

Yes, I really do eat peanut butter toast with the peanut butter jar sitting right next to me. It's like the biggest diet no-no ever, but pregnant or not I just want to be able to diagnose and meet my peanut butter needs minute-by-minute. Stuff like that makes me realize how far I've come from the days when I wouldn't drink an Emergency-C packet because it had twenty calories. Heh.

After all that news checking and breakfast I basically lazed around and read until it was time to go to the gym for my BodyPump class. After BodyPump I went to Barnes and Noble to get a book on childbirth, then had lunch at Whole Foods, and then went to run an errand for David. After all of that, I went to the eye doctor to get my contact prescription and also to order glasses. I haven't had or worn glasses in approximately ten years, but I figured with all the late nights I have in my future glasses might be better than wearing contacts all day long. It was cute, actually. An older gentleman--excuse me, optician--walked me around the store and recommended frames for me. I didn't take a picture of the frames I eventually chose, but I'll show them to you once they come in.

In other news, it really is true that mosquitoes find pregnant chicks tastier.

Isn't that like the most disgusting picture ever? It looks like a huge boil, but really it's just a mosquito bite I got last night. I swear I don't have syphilis. (Sorry if you do and that was offensive.) (P.S. Get yourself some antibiotics.)

*What is your policy on mosquito and other bug bites? Do you scratch them even after you realize it's a bug bite? As soon as I know it's a bug bite I stop itching it immediately. I figure it's only going to get harder to stop itching if I keep on itching. Does that make sense? What happens if you just keep itching it forever?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Onesie Fun

Hi friends. Are you all excited to hear about the birth of the royal baby? Personally I think it's pretty hilarious to see Wolf Blitzer covering the birth on CNN. Like, really, CNN? I think dozens of peeps dying in earthquakes in China _might_ top news that a baby--even if it is a royal baby--was born. It is exciting though, I have to admit. I suspect that even my mediocre level of excitement is really only due to my impending birth. Yup, it's only ten weeks away, and only seven more weeks until baby is "full term."

And despite my wavering levels of excitement/uncertainty throughout my pregnancy, I'm starting to get excited! I want to see what's "in there." I've also starting laying little baby onesies around the house. I walk around, pick them up, and then tell David, "They're so small...giggle, giggle." It's disgusting:-)

Example A:

I really like the brown one on the left.

Aside from staring at onesies, I'm also starting to really get ready for an actual baby. I mean, I'm reading up on crib sheets and mattresses, gliders, and diaper recommendations. Umm, apparently newborns need their diapers changed approximately fifteen times a day? WTF? If giant pandas were that needy as infants their moms would just abandon them. But, yes, I realize that that option is totally not cool for human moms, don't worry.

This weekend I also worked, which was pretty good, and I saw my niece Ella.

David made pancakes on Sunday morning:

And I returned the favor by making nachos and a salad for dinner on Sunday evening:

Now I'm settled on the couch after spending the morning catching up on phone calls, errands, cleaning, etc. I also went to Bootcamp and took David's car to get emissions testing. Fifty bucks says I'll be asleep within thirty minutes of hitting "Publish..."

*Which is your favorite of the onesies above?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WTF Wednesday

Uh, whoops--WTF happened to Tuesday? It kinda got away from me, that's what. My bad. I now realize that none of you are waiting at your computers, pressing refresh time and time again when no new posts come up on my page. But still, sorry for flaking out yesterday and for being more flaky in general since I started working more.

I'm happy to report that I finished my freelance job yesterday. So today, of course, I went to the movies. First, however, I had to drop off some materials for the freelance job, and I also went to the bank to prove to them that my legal name really did change. They are such sticklers.

Anyhow, I saw _The Way Way Back_ with Steve Carrell, Toni Collette, Sam Rockwell, et al. I think Anna Sophia Rob was in it too but I'm only partly sure that I know who that even is. It was good! Probably the most decent movie I've seen all summer, which isn't saying much I guess. The plot focused a lot on kids from divorced homes, so that gave me something to think about...heh.

While I was out I also indulged in a decaf iced latte, which was amazing.

Why I'm only just now realizing how good iced lattes are I have no idea. So.darn.refreshing.

Also refreshing?

Although I'm not sure eating a quarter of a full watermelon is going to sit well with my stomach. Oh well. At least I'm hydrated through, like, next week.

In other news, David and I met some friends for dinner last night at Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant. I believe I gave this restaurant a mediocre review the last time I went there, though this time they had really stepped up their game. Of course I forgot to take pictures, but everything was super flavorful and tasty. I only missed being able to have a glass of wine with our good meal. (It seems like I'm an alcoholic with all my pregnant mentionings of beer and wine, doesn't it?)

So that's it for now. Tell me--what's up with you this week?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Shorty

Hey y'all, happy Monday. Sigh. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. As the title indicates this will be a relative short post. I'm just finishing up this freelance project and I'm also exhausted from a poor night of rest last night. I'm not usually affected by the caffeine in chocolate, but for some reason eating chocolate after dinner didn't sit well with me. In addition, it stormed something fierce for the majority of the night. In addition to the noise this makes, the wind upsets Haruki and makes her kinda needy. Anyway, I'm looking forward to shutting my computer and reading before an early bed. I did have a few highlights of my weekend that I want to share first, however.

The first was eating dinner with David on our deck last Thursday or Friday. (I have no idea which.) My first thought when I typed that was "Geez I can't wait until the time when we have dinner on the deck and I can have a beer with dinner." Ha.

I made a spicy broccoli pasta. It was pretty good.

But...not as good as the Papardelle's pasta that I made two weeks ago. I need to get more of that pronto!

I also had a good day at work on Saturday, as evidenced by this:

The puppy is hiding my baby belly. But more importantly is how cute puppies are when they're coming out of anesthesia (for spay/neuter surgery). They stick their tongues out and just generally act stoned. So funny, right?

Food wise I also had a couple of smoothies that were really refreshing.

And yet I'm not going to post a "recipe" for them, since, let's face it, a recipe for a smoothie is generally pretty lame. Sorry if any of you all have done this, but posting a variety of "milk + fruit" is not a recipe. There are exceptions, of course, like using unique fruits or unusual add-ins. But really, unless your smoothie includes mint, some delicious and special homemade simple syrup, or a f-ing durian fruit, then just keep the "recipe" for your own lucky self. OK, rant over.

I also had one smoothie with a homemade banana chocolate chip muffin that my friend Heidi gave me when we went to her thirtieth birthday party on Saturday night.

Yum, right?

I think I need to take advantage of smoothie goodness while it's still warm outside.

*What about you? Have you been drinking lots of smoothies? What is your opinion on blogger smoothie recipes?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Intestinal Wandering + Wednesday Wonderings

Hi friends! So I'm going to have to make this quick and photo-less, I'm afraid. I'm behind on this freelance project and going into my work "week" at the Humane Society. All my part of the freelance work is due on Monday, so that means that today has been one of the few days that I have to work on it while not working at the Humane Society. Does that make sense? If it doesn't, try to understand just in general what a big shot I must be to be doing a freelance project. Sounds fancy, huh? Really it just means that I'm not good enough to be really hired; I'm just more available at the last second than people who are legitimately employed. Heh.

In other news, I went to the doctor's office today. From here on out I have to go every two weeks. Holy pot pie, right? This is already accumulating to the most doctor's visits I've ever had. Today I got more details on my glucose test--I passed it with bright rainbow flying colors--and my doctor also told me that doing a few hours in an active birth class prolly wouldn't cut it when it comes to natural birth. Have I talked about my "birth plan" yet? I can't remember. In any case, my plan is to try to go as natural as possible without dogmatically committing to a natural birth. How about that--does that make sense? In clich├ęs, my motto here is to "do my best" and to just "see how it goes." Hmmm...that sounds surprisingly not type-A, doesn't it?

Ugh, my bad. That was an unexpected tangent and now I feel I've put myself out there for judgment. But since I know all five of my readers, and know that you all are really welcoming and not the type to write in about how dumb my "plan" is, I'll just go ahead and leave it:-)

So, anyway, I got to hear the baby's heartbeat and had my doctor answer all my questions. I wrote down these questions and realized later that they were kinda funny. They are as follows:

1) What kind of baby thermometer should I get? (Seriously, this is my life now. This is a seriously contentious issue amongst moms apparently. #FML.)
2) Is it normal to have cervical contractions or pain at this point? (Sorry, TMI.)
3) Where have my intestines gotten to?

Turns out my intestines have migrated to just below my ribcage. If that doesn't sound unnatural and freaky then you are definitely the mom from that Brady show. Props to you. You should procreate like crazy. To me it sounds absurd. That shit isn't supposed to move, people! (Literally.) (Ha.)

I hope you all are having a wonderful hump day. See you right back here on Sunday or Monday!

*Where do you usually keep your intestines?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

OK, I Give Already

The heat, people. The heat is finally starting to get to me. It is making my feet and hands swell. It is making me feel more tired. And it's making it more difficult for me to feel comfortable--whether I'm out running errands or laying around the house thinking about how hot it is. I think I see a smoothie in my future for dinner.

I had a meeting for the freelance job I'm doing today and my boss mentioned that she has a friend who lives in Arizona. Apparently, it actually does get up to like 120 degrees right about now. And it's literally 110 degrees at seven or eight p.m. Like, seriously? How do people take their dogs for walks? How do they get to their cars from inside their air-conditioned homes?

It was even hot when I took Haruki out for her morning walk at seven-thirty a.m. By the time I left for my Body Pump class at ten-thirty it was really scorching. On that note, I wore a more form-fitting shirt to class today and suddenly people started congratulating me on being pregnant. Ha! I guess a baggy t-shirt has really been misleading and/or making people too frightened to ask if I'm pregnant or when I'm due. Put me in a snug baby-t these days, though, and there is no hiding this little fetus. Surprisingly, people really want to know the baby's name. Does anyone else think that's interesting? I just don't get it. Why would it matter to me, or interest me at all, what some chick at the YMCA is going to name her baby? Maybe they are hoping that I'll do something interesting and name the baby "fish stick." That's what one of my co-workers from the Humane Society suggested. (Thanks a lot.)

After Body Pump I grabbed a quick lunch at...yes, you guessed it, Whole Foods. Hey--it's right next to my gym and I only had half an hour before my freelance job meeting. So, hot bar it was.

Of course I took these pictures after eating half of it. I swear there was a boatload of spinach underneath that tomato and artichoke salad.

And with that, I'm off to vegetate more fully before doing some work later this evening. Hope you peeps are staying cool, yo:-)

*Did the end of the post make you think of frozen yogurt? Does anyone want to deliver some Popsicles to my house tonight?

Monday, July 8, 2013

Holiday Weekend

Mine was filled with family, some work, and some food. Sadly, much of the food wasn't that special or even good.

The Fourth of July started off with a hike with David and Haruki. Haruki sneezed a lot, but David and I didn't think too much of it...until about eight-thirty that night, actually. David went to hang with his parents, while I went to have lunch and do a bit of baby shopping with my mom, dad, brother, sister in law Sarah, and nieces Riley and Morgan.

At lunch Riley let me take this beautiful shot of her missing teeth:

And then my mom and I picked out a bunch of baby stuff, including this cute blankie:

I think I've said it before, but I hate hate hate how all the girl infant clothing says stuff about how cute, sweet, or adorable the baby is. This, on the other hand, I can get down with.

After lunch and shopping I went home to make nachos for dinner.

I took this shot of my belly while standing at the oven:

Holy crap, right??! Only twelve more weeks until this bun is ready!

Sadly, after eating our vegan nachos on the deck, where we had hoped to hang out for the rest of the evening, Haruki continued to sneeze and we decided to take her to the emergency vet. Our concern was that she had ingested some of the cheat grass that is abundant around our house. Apparently, if ingested, it can get into the bloodstream and cause problems in the heart and/or lungs. Sigh. to the vet we went, where they actually had to put her under anesthesia in order to get several sharp grass barbs out of her sinuses. Ugh. So, essentially, four hundred dollars went up her nose like she was some kind of coke-addicted hooker. Thankfully we have dog insurance so our only major concern was how stoned she was after surgery--which usually means incontinence--and her general drugged out state for the next three days. She seems to be feeling better now, though.

Otherwise, I spent the weekend at work, taking pictures of kooky cherries

and then having a pancake breakfast with David on Sunday morning.

These pancakes were from a new mix we tried, and they sucked. To make up for it, I went for a treat last night that I'd been craving for awhile:

This carrot cake was good, but not amazing, so I guess I'll just have to get some other treat that tops it next weekend:-)

*What was the highlight of your 4th of July weekend?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ladies Lunch

Happy humpday, y'all, or perhaps happy Friday? (For those of you who have the rest of the holiday week off?) I don't have to work tomorrow, though I do have to work on Friday and Saturday. I'm not complaining, though, since only working two days this week is still a pretty sweet deal. I just wish I could learn to savor the days off a bit more, ya know? I prepare in my head for how I'll spend them, but in general they just float away and I rarely feel utterly rejuvenated before the next week. Again, I can't imagine how M-F, 9-5ers do it long term.

Today I filled my day off with some pleasure and some work. First, I rode my mountain bike to Gold Hill, which is about four miles from our house. (Four miles straight uphill, I should add.) My gym is closed this week and thus I'm trying to branch out fitness-wise. It's nice to be back on my bike, though riding while pregnant has some serious disadvantages. The first one is that carrying extra weight while climbing uphill is _not_ fun. There is a reason that cycling climbers weigh next to nothing, my friends. Another disadvantage? Sitting on a bike saddle and having my legs push into my stomach a bit while pedaling is not the ideal setup for someone who has to pee all the time anyway. But...on the plus side, nothing beats riding downhill, feeling a cool breeze, and just enjoying being outside in the summertime.

After riding, I went down to Denver to have lunch with my friend Shannon. We ate at Watercourse and I had the Jimmy Wrap as always.

It's basically a greek salad and hummus in a wheat wrap, and I had it with broccoli and kale on the side.  Shockingly, I only ate half and saved the rest to take home. (This never happens to me.)

I was glad that I didn't eat the whole enchilada too, since I had a two-thirty meeting back in Boulder and wouldn't have appreciated feeling stuffed.

My meeting was to discuss a freelance editorial project I'm taking on starting next week. That's all I will say about it, mostly because it's just not that interesting. But I will say that unless Popsockets makes me and David rich I'm going to have to eventually quit the Humane Society in order to do more freelance work. The pay is just way better, though working for a non-profit animal shelter is certainly better for my conscience.

After my meeting I went to mail a package for David. I also treated myself to some herbal iced tea:

This was just about the most refreshing thing ever. Seriously--why don't I just make iced tea myself more often...err...ever? Guess I'm not a domestic goddess just yet:-(

*What percentage of the time would you say you only eat a portion of your meal at a restaurant and save the rest for "to go?"

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Heat

So I saw the movie _The Heat_ today, friends, and let me tell you: don't do it. It's not that funny. In fact, either my mean hormones are skyrocketing or that movie was just plain meh. I wanted to like it, mostly because I like Melissa McCarthy. But I really only laughed about three times. The rest of the jokes were completely predictable.

On second thought, I guess my lackluster attitude towards the movie could be due to the lunch I ate during the movie.

Yah. Definitely not the most satisfying, but it was also the most nutritious I could find at Jamba Juice, which is where I found myself after taking a Pure Barre class this morning.

You might recall that I took a Pure Barre class six months or so ago, and generally thought it was okay but not worth all the hype. The class I took today was similar in that I think I worked a few key areas but in general I don't think going to Barre classes everyday is a sufficient way to get all-around fitness. I will admit, however, that the class was more difficult now that I'm pregnant; also, being surrounded in a mirror-filled room with a bunch of women who weigh ninety pounds and are wearing leggings wasn't the biggest boost I've gotten for my pregnancy body confidence levels. Oh well--it happens, pregnant or not, right?

Once I got home from the movies I had some kind of cooking/baking spree, and I made banana bread and that lemon parsley pasta from Daily Garnish again. The pasta is chilling in the fridge right now and I'm kind of excited because David is going out to dinner with a friend and thus I have the entire evening to myself...yay! I already promised not to eat all the pasta and banana bread, but I still expect the nice quiet evening will be just what the doctor ordered:-)

*What are you eating for dinner tonight? Who cooked it?

Monday, July 1, 2013


Hap-hap-happy Monday! But more importantly, happy fourth of July week! I think I've mentioned this before, but I really like a special occasion. It makes everything more fun the whole week long, I think. And this is especially true this week because I don't have to work on Thursday. So you all get even more goodness from me this week:-)

Since I haven't been around since I went to work last Thursday, however, I thought I'd give you a photo update on my whereabouts.

Exhibit 1:

I finally broke down and bought something from the bake sale that is held every Friday at my work recently. This is puppy chow, aka Chex Muddy Buddies. My friend from elementary school, Alisha, used to make this all the time and I would literally beg her for more, and then more, and then more. My mom didn't make it and for some reason I didn't just get my bizness together and make it for myself either. Anyhow, this batch wasn't very good. In fact, it didn't taste at all like peanut butter or chocolate, but instead tasted only like powdered sugar. Boo. I ate six or seven "buddies" and then threw the rest away. David is going on a one-day business trip this month, however, so maybe on that day I'll make my own Muddy Buddies, order pizza, and watch an idiotic "girl" movie. Heh.

Speaking of David, here is exhibit 2:

The new packaging for Popsockets. Looks really good, right? In the background you can see the anti-worm medication our vet made us give Haruki since one of us let her eat out the inside of a small deer. (Cough, David.)

Exhibit 3:

This gigante bean salad from Whole Foods is kinda rocking my world. I've promised myself that I will try to make it myself, so perhaps tomorrow or Wednesday will be spent doing that.

Exhibit 4 is the break room at my work, where I first fell in love with that bean salad. This is also where I read while watching the last few minutes of my lunch breaks dwindle down.

And finally, exhibit 5:

I got some Papardelle's pasta and made it up with some spicy spaghetti sauce. Geez. Maybe the reason that I've never liked pasta too much is that I haven't been eating good pasta. This was difficult to stop eating, and since eating it on Saturday night I kinda just want more. And more. Though one thing that I've never liked about eating pasta is that it really sticks around in your stomach kinda heavy-like. Or maybe that's just when you overeat it.

In more general news, things here are pretty good. I'm entering the third trimester of pregnancy, work is going well, and apparently my hormones have calmed enough so that I don't hate David all the time. We also just bought our stroller (a Bob, so that David can take the baby away a lot down the trail we live on...hehe), and in general it's starting to feel quite real that a baby is going to be entering our lives. She kicks my belly a lot, so I'm still ahead of David as far as realizing what's coming.

And with that, peace out friends! I hope you all are having a good Monday. See you tomorrow with more groundbreaking and philosophical insight:-)

*What's the most insightful thing you've thought recently?