Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spooky Face

Happy Halloween!!!

I hope you all are having a sweet and fun day! Inevitably, you all are probably thinking about the Halloweens that you celebrated as a kid. I am. And I'd like to take this moment to call out my mom, who let me go as a nun for Halloween one year when I was in middle school. Can you even think of a less cool costume? Admittedly, I went along with it, but only because my Uncle Frankie made it so easy: he was in our church choir and thus apparently he had the hook up with all the church nuns. (Yes, in case all the needless guilt didn't clue you in, I was raised Catholic.) So, I got a real nun's habit and did my nun thing at school and while trick-or-treating. Sigh. When I look back, there are so many reasons that I felt socially inept while growing up.

Strangely enough, or perhaps quite rightly, I can't really remember any other costumes that I wore. We weren't the kind of family that made and worked on our costumes for a month before Halloween, and thus we usually wore whatever cheap costumes we found at our local Kmart. (Yes, we shopped at Kmart. You would've too if that was the only place your mom drove you.)

Other than these extremely pleasant memories, my Halloween has been pretty uuzch-tastic. That's (usual + fantastic). I went to my bootcamp class at the gym, I ate a boatload of eggs and kale from Whole Foods for lunch:

Why are scrambled eggs tasting soooo good to me lately? P.S. I am not avoiding carbs, FYI. There is just rarely a grain/carb option on the Whole Foods hot bar that looks really good to me.

And then I went to get a grownup "treat" from REI--new sunglasses:

I swear they don't look quite so big in person. I am not glamorous enough for those kind of sunglasses.

I really don't like posting pictures of myself where it's obvious that I have a horseface. That reminds me of a party recently where a friend of ours was taking pictures of everyone. I kept telling him that I'm usually very non-photogenic, but he kept saying that I was ridiculous, silly, etc. However, he kept taking pictures, looking at them, and then retaking them--for almost five minutes!!! Ha!! Proved him wrong.

*Are you photogenic? How do you feel about posting pictures of your face on your blog, if you have one?


  1. I am not photogenic at all. Even a little. I have one picture of me from when I was 21 that I look really hot in and that will be used at my funeral someday, no matter how old I am. Totally loving those sunglasses by the way, very sheek. You do not have a horseface silly. Seriously love the glasses on you. I make all the people pictures on my blog cartoony and there are no full on shots of me anywhere on my blog. Buuuuut, I think it's probably easier for people to relate if they see pictures.

    1. Oh yah--p.s., when are you going to give that hot picture its debut in the blog world!??!

  2. I think it is easier to relate to people when you can see their pictures, though I also think that your writing voice is strong enough so that one can get a good sense of you through that.
    And thanks for the sunglasses props. We actually can't afford me buying new sunglasses (even ones that cost $49) because we are leaving for France in two weeks. But my old sunglasses were a pair that I found in David's glove compartment two years ago--likely from an ex-girlfriend. So, I feel justified:-)

  3. Are you going to be blogging from France or just enjoying yourselves completely unplugged? I buy cheap sunglasses from TJ Maxx because I am notorious for throwing them on the car seat and then sitting on them. I go through a lot of sunglasses.

    1. I'm not sure yet. I'm sure I'll post something sometime, but I don't know when or how much. I'd say there is a good chance that I will blog some pictures with short written bits, you know, pictures of croissants with captions like "Geez butter is soooo good! Why don't I eat butter more often?!!"
      I think your method with sunglasses is probably smarter than my move for the $50 pair. I am definitely going to break mine, though it was actually a relief on my eyes when I put the new pair--which are polarized--on my face.