Monday, October 29, 2012

Sorry Salmon Sunday

My weekend started like this:

I think it's time to switch from beer to red wine, yes? At least here in Boulder it is, given the storm that we got last week.

The views around here are the only thing that make snowstorms worth it.

Lucky for you peeps, I did actually do more than drink wine and eat pasta all weekend. On Saturday I headed down to Arvada, where my parents, brother, sister-in-law, and nieces live. (It's also where I was raised.)

My niece Riley had a soccer game.

Riley looks happy here, but unfortunately my presence seems to have broken her goal streak. Woopsies.

I still had fun, though. It's pretty hilarious to see a bunch of six year olds trying really hard to move their arms and legs in a coordinated way. Actually, if I were being honest, some of them were better than I used to be when I played rec league soccer. (But I bet none of them can boast that they were thrown out of a game for swearing at the referee--take that!!!)

The rest of Saturday was pretty uneventful. David and Haruki and I went down to Cherry Hills to see David's parents' new house, visit with family, and take a walk. Afterwards we booked it back to Boulder and grabbed "take out" from Whole Foods. Dinner included some Thai dish with tofu and brown rice, as well as a chocolate chip oatmeal "treat" muffin. Yum!

Sunday was even more low key, and included cleaning, a walk with David and Haruki, and then...a trip to the Boulder Cup, which is a local cyclocross race. I went with my brothers and my niece Ella. 

In case you've never heard of cyclocross, it's essentially a cross between road and mountain biking. You take bikes that are light and fast--like road bikes--and then make a few tweaks, including putting on fatter tires that can deal with mud, obstacles, rocks, sharp turns, etc. It's pretty badass, and it was really fun and exciting to watch in person, especially because local races in Boulder often draw some pretty awesome racers, including Olympic medal winners and professionals. 

To celebrate all the hard work that I witnessed at the Boulder Cup, I stopped at Whole Foods on the way home for another round of prepared food.

David was giving a review session for one of his classes, and salmon sounded really good. Because I don't eat salmon very often and am not very good at preparing it I took the easy route. This was herbed salmon with green beans almondine. It hit the spot. Sorry, salmon.

*Do you cook salmon very often?

P.S. Good luck and stay safe for all you East Coaster peeps.


  1. I've been cooking fish once every couple of weeks and turns out, it's really easy! I didn't grow up eating it so it was definitely a learning experience. Those pasta noodles look awesome!

    1. I vote for a fish cooking tutorial/recipe on LAL asap... :-)

  2. And I wish I could remember my own blog's URL...