Friday, September 28, 2012

Dog Love

Rather than writing about how glad I am that it is Friday, I thought I'd write a bit about something that's been bothering me for awhile. Namely, dog love. More specifically, David's love for Haruki.

You see, I'm a little worried that David loves Haruki more than me.

Actually, they kind of look alike, don't they?

Seriously. David Haruki--even so much that he let her sleep on the bed when we were in a hotel in Aspen. (He means business when it comes to getting his sleep, and a dog on the bed would otherwise be out of the question.)

Exhibit A: The wallpaper on David's phone is a picture of Haruki doing this:

He dotes on her. He babies her. He spoils her. He pets her more than he pets me. He is completely enchanted by her.

They both look mad that I'm interrupting their quality alone time, don't they?

Even when she is bad, he still can't get over how cute and sweet she is. He sends me texts that are solely about how great Haruki is.

He also won't shut up about her bottom, which has become massively muscular since she came to live with us, and also since we started letting her go off leash around our house. (Haruki is a walking advertisement that proves how running uphill will beef up your backside.) David is sooo proud that his dog is a fit, athletic super dog. (This gives me some unwanted perspective about how he must look at me when I'm in a lazy stupor on the couch. :-))

I love Haruki too. And I know that David doesn't really love the dog more than me. (I know because I ask him all the time.) But still, I'm kind of jealous of Haruki. She doesn't make David dinner like I do, but she's still got him wrapped around her little paw, and David even seems to enjoy being her bitch.

The other component of this issue is that David is now Haruki's favorite person, and instead of looking at me like I'm the best thing ever, she waits for me when I get home only to look slightly less excited than if I were David. Boo.

*How are the pet dynamics in your home? Does the dog/cat like one person over another? Does your spouse like one person/animal over another?

OK, I'm off to get a haircut before meeting some girlfriends for dinner on Pearl Street. Yes, girlfriends. Actually, I don't have more than two girlfriends, but a friend from the gym invited me out for girls' night with her girlfriends. Maybe I'll pick up a Victoria's Secret teddy and wear it to the bar just for girly solidarity...


  1. I wouldn't count on being higher in Brian's love hierarchy than his cats. Yes, I still call them his cats, not our cats. If I disturbed his sleep as much as they do, I am sure I wouldn't be showered with as much love as they are.
    They leave hair everywhere, and they eat only really disgusting things. And they make sure there's always a bit of cat litter on the bathroom floor for me to step in when I get out of the shower.

  2. Gross! Maybe we should get David and Brian into a support group...