Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blog Bullies

Wow. People commenting on blogs can be pretttttttty mean, huh? I just read a post on Carrots and Cake where Tina talks about a Paleo challenge that she's doing through her Crossfit Box, and daaaaaang--people do not like it when their favorite bloggers stop eating pickles. Or bananas. Or whatever else it might be.

This got me thinking: how come you all don't jump on my ass and lambaste me more for my dumbass eating habits? Anyone? Not a single comment when I post things about Almond Cheese, for instance? Or how about those Field Roast seitan sausages? In my opinion, I should've been attacked by at least two readers for eating fake meat. I guess Tina's readers just love her more, you f-ers.

Haha, just kidding! I don't have time to respond to hateful comments today anyhow, since I'm currently lying on the couch and contemplating a nap. I'm sleepy. I went riding with my Dad this morning, and though he took it easy on me, the headwind did not.

Here is what I saw on my way to meet my Dad:

Here is what I saw when I stopped for a bathroom break on the ride:

And here is me seeing stuff:

Talk about an oval face. And geez. What are those protruding things called, i.e. those neck tendon-like things that kind of make me look like a species of bird?

In other news, I'm still cooking up a storm up in here. I just keep making dinner--I don't know how I do it, really!

Last night it was a simple mosh of brown rice, sautéed zucchini, adzuki beans, and a (heavy) sprinkling of parmesan cheese.

AND! Not only did I make dinner--which, okay, was ridiculously easy--but I also made an almond flour pumpkin bread.

It, however, is only mediocre, since you can't just ad lib recipes for breads. Whoops. I picked up some more almond flour, however, so "it" is on and I am going to make a revised loaf asap.

*Are you baking these days? If yes, what?


  1. Even if I don't comment on your eating habits in the comments, that doesn't mean I am not quietly judging. Mostly, I am just surprised how many things you don't seem to eat, and that you appear very happy with very little variety (and seasoning).
    Feel better? Want more judging?

  2. Sniff, sniff. No, thank you, that is enough. :-)
    And actually, I just started adding parmesan cheese to a lot of stuff...and suddenly, it all started tasting much, much better!

  3. Ooohh, parmesan cheese is just the first step. Are we on for Friday? Where and when?

    1. How about noon--you pick the place? I've been craving that tofu dish from Hapa lately, but we could also do Pizzeria Locale, or try that the new T/aco place on Walnut: http://tacocolorado.com.

  4. I love that tofu bowl from Hapa too, so let's do that. See you there at noon!

  5. I am not the food / diet / exercise police, sorry Nikki, I think what you eat is your business & I don't think that what you do or do not eat has anything to do with who you are - *gasp* scandalous, no?
    If forced to offer up a judgement, mine is: lunch looks yummy :)

    1. Of course I was being snarky--i.e. attempting to be funny--by saying that you all should be judging me for what I eat. But reading your comment makes me realize that a remaining, ED part of me still does believe that what you eat says something about who you are. I mean, rationally I don't believe this, but there is still a little ED voice that tells me, for instance, that I have less value as a person if I am unable to control my eating.
      I hope that comes across right via computer. I guess what I mean is that your comment depressed me a little bit:-) Ha. But seriously, it depressed me a little bit because I realize that there are still some pretty foundational ways in which ED crap permeates my perception of things. Sigh. That sucks. On the plus side, you sound like you've got your head on straight and free from ED crap--good for you!