Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ollie Ollie Oxen Free

How do you stare at another woman's shoes with looking like you're checking her out? You know, checking her out "that way." Personally I find this challenging because your first instinct is to look at someone's face, so when you instinctively look down towards her shoes it looks suspiciously like a full-body scan. I'm thinking about this today because it's cold here in Boulder today, which means that there is a never-ending parade of winter boots. Seriously. Knee-high riding boots are, like, the only thing besides Uggs that college girls wear in winter. I mean, the only thing besides skinny jeans, of course. BTW, am I the only one who looks terrible in skinny jeans?!!

Ahem. Happy Tuesday! Err, at least it's not Monday, huh? Today feels like Monday to me because I have several things to do today that I'd rather pass on.

The day did start off well, though, since not only did I make some berry oatmeal,

But Haruki made nice with a neighbor dog named Chance.

"Nice" for Haruki is relative to her trying to kill the other dog, since she still has some...behavioral issues. Mostly, she's just a spoiled, adolescent brat when it comes to playing. Here is Chance:

Here is Chance watching Haruki chew on the toy that she stole from him:

Here is Haruki not understanding that having friends = sharing:

I think she has some kind of dog Only Child syndrome. We are *this* close to medicating her:-)

After watching Haruki taunt Chance, I headed down to town for a Body Pump class at my gym. Then, I ate lunch in my car like a creepy stalker and now I'm working at a coffee shop before: 1) getting a flu shot at 3:45, and 2) going to a lecture on campus at 5 p.m.. I'm going to have dinner with the speaker of this talk afterwards, but unfortunately we're going to a restaurant that is heavy on the bone marrow dishes and pretty light on the greens and veg-head stuff. Boo.

Seriously, how do you save face when you're sucking marrow out of a cow bone? This seems like the kind of activity that would automatically make you seem out of place in a swanky restaurant. Guess I'm just a dumb vegetarian. Maybe I would understand eating bone marrow if my brain wasn't so starved for vitamin B12 and protein.

My final plea is to those of you who have had flu shots before. I have never had a flu shot, and David tells me that I may become slightly ill after I've had it. Is this true? Also, WTF?

*What do you all think about the name Oliver for a boy? I am _not_ pregnant, but David and I are discussing baby names. I like Oliver because I want to have a chubby toddler who I can call "Ollie" and dress in slightly too-tight navy blue corduroys. Is that selfish? Will an Oliver get beaten up in middle school?


  1. I think Oliver is pretty good. Here are my reasons:
    - It works pretty well in several common languages. So if he decides to move to Europe, he's not totally screwed (at least with regard to his name).
    - It indicates "boy". Helpful in many social interactions that happen online or over the phone.
    - People know how to spell it.
    - Nickname would likely be Olli. Could be a lot worse.
    - Seems to have very few implications about the nuttiness or social status of the parents.
    - I can't think of any famous a-hole right now named Oliver.
    - It's not too common, so there won't likely be ten other Olivers in preschool with him.
    - That said, his name is "liver", with an extra vowel. Not sure how I feel about that.

    1. Thanks, Julia! (Except for that last point. I hadn't thought about "liver," and now my future son seems less cute.)