Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Debate Dinner

As I'm sure you know, tonight is the first presidential debate for the upcoming election. Though I have watched presidential debates before, tonight is the first debate that I'm actually looking forward to watching. This might be because the debate is being held in my hometown, a.k.a. Denver, at the  University of Denver. For some reason, it just seems like the debate might be exciting, or interesting, or hilarious. I can't decide which yet. (I think it's because Obama and Romney--at least to my eye--don't seem to like each other, even more so than the average running opponents.) At some point it might become necessary to start that debate drinking game that is circulating the interwebs. (P.S. On that note, why do people sometimes say internets, as in, plural nets? Am I a daft idiot--is there really more than one internet, and I've just been lazy all this time by kicking off that final "s?")

To celebrate, David and I are having our friend Adam over, along with David's cousin Patrick, to eat dinner and watch the debates.

To celebrate our celebration, I cleaned. Waaaaaah. After my bootcamp class, that is. And, after driving to Westminster, Colorado to pick up another round of David's Popsockets prototypes. He keeps saying that we are going to be rich. And I keep saying that if we're not, then he is going to have to "pay back" all the times I took the trash out because his ass was busy playing with his toys and inventing stuff.

Ahem. I also cooked, namely, another incarnation of pumpkin bread. This one was made with almond flour instead of regular flour, and looked really pretty pre-liquid stage:

Post-liquid stage:

Post-baking stage:

Because I haven't tasted it yet I can't confirm if the recipe I used is crap. Will get back to you. But I would like to take a minute and assure you all, my uber-faithful readers, that I am in no way trying to go gluten free or something here. (So don't attack me, Julia :-)) As you'll see tomorrow when I post pictures of our dinner, tonight promises to be a very gluten-ous fest.

Unlike the bread, I do know that the pumpkin hummus I made is fantastic. It's a bastardized version of a completely homemade pumpkin hummus recipe that I used to make, the only difference being that in the present case I just bought a container of regular hummus and added ~ 1/2 cup pumpkin puree and ~1 tablespoon of cumin to it.

The hummus + his little carrot friends.

It's good. You should try it. Your friends will eat it all. Either that, or your husband will greedily eat the majority of it before your friends actually arrive.

*So, what are your plans for the debate tonight? Watch? Don't watch? Watch for fifteen minutes and then get bored? (Uhhh, not me--I totally won't do that. I'm very learned.) (That's pronounced "lur-ned," idiots, not "lurned.")

And, for fun:

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