Monday, October 8, 2012

News Slump

I'm watching the local news right now and, in case you hadn't heard, it's all about Jessica Ridgeway, a local girl who went missing on Friday morning. Sigh. I don't have kids but stories like this one still scare me. Like it's not hard enough to get your kid fed and dressed every morning before school--to think that they might suddenly go missing while walking there?!! F-ed up. I have nothing more to say about that, other than to note the obvious, namely, I hope that Jessica is found safe and unharmed. (Also, I'm going to be one paranoid mom.) (Like, so paranoid that I should prolly get a prescription for Xanax now, so I can stock up and prepare for a serious addiction once David and I have kids.)

Geez. Now my weekend doesn't seem so important after all. It did start well, though, with a lunch date with my friend Julia, who also got married recently. We went to Hapa Sushi Grill, where we both ordered the tofu and veggie bowl. 

Julia doesn't always have blood-red eyes. Sorry, Julia.

This dish is good, mainly because of the fried tofu, which is coated in some kind of thick sesame sugar sauce. Really. It actually tastes sweet, and yet because it is tofu and it is blanketed with veggies, I say yay! (Next time I should order two and take the other home to eat later.) (Actually, next time I should just ask for a horse's portion of the fried tofu. That's what I really want.)

Saturday was slightly yes yummy, as it was spent mostly indoors due to the inclement weather we were having. It got cold, people. 

It got so cold after it snowed a bit that even the spider webs around our house froze:

Jesus I didn't need to know that there were so many spider webs around our house. Sorry if you're religious and my swearing offends you. But this seems, to me, to be a religious issue, since I'm going to need some kind of higher power to keep living here even though we've got such serious arachnid company. 

On Sunday things picked up on the yummy front, and David made us banana pancakes for breakfast. We even ate together while reading the NY Times on our Apple computers.

Definitely a cliché, but a really nice morning nonetheless. After I cleaned and David worked on Popsockets for awhile, we took a hike around our house.

David's attire:

It's a good thing David is funny. I like to call him Gilligan when he wears this getup.

This is why I don't always want to run around our house:

Aside from these photographed activities, I also ate approximately 34 servings of chocolate chips as a way of assuaging PMS irritability, rage, and emotionality. At some point I also tried to buy myself happy by purchasing a new winter hat:

If I knew how to insert a thought bubble, it would read, "Finally! Something that doesn't make me look like the fat and worthless person that I am." 

Perhaps it's time to think about working on some self-affirmation techniques, hmmm?

(Disclaimer: I do not think that fat = worthless. These are just the PMS/Eating Disorder thoughts that enter my head when my hormone levels skyrocket.)

*What do you think about when your hormone levels skyrocket? Do you want to be a vegetarian now that you've seen Hapa's veg-head tofu bowl?


  1. So much to say, so much to say.

    It totally is a scary world these days. There is no more hopping on your bike, heading out with your friends and coming home before it's dark. Pretty soon our kids will have GPS tracking devices. I kid, that is too Big Brother for me. Still, a scary world.

    Not soooo big into tofu, but at least it isn't tempeh. Tempeh may be the worst thing I have ever eaten. It's like somebody already ate it for you and it was smushed back together again and pressed into a rectangle. If it were a triangle, it would at least be more interesting. I'm totally into making food into funny shapes these days. In my head at least. I've never actually done that. Perhaps my next blog post? Wait, no, after the Banana Cabanas.

    Frozen spiderwebs are pretty cool. I'd call the weekend a win just for that.

    If you guys become famous for Popsockets, I'd like to say I "knew" you when. Also I'd like a new car because you'll be able to afford that. Black please. Some sort of 4 wheel drive number in case I have to run over any frozen spiderwebs.

    The new hat looks comfy cozy. While it doesn't scream "take me", when you are married you can get away with these sorts of things. Maybe if it were black. That says "take me" right? Or red.

    Well, I've bent your eye long enough. Have a lovely day!

    1. I don't mind treating you to a new car, and I'll keep you posted about when we "hit" "it" big! I'll have to buy a decent camera first, since I think you'd agree that those frozen webs could've used more than my iPhone camera.
      P.S. I totally agree about tempeh. It's a bad taste and a bad texture--definitely like something that was accidentally invented at a factory when too many bits of leftover soy fell on the floor.