Thursday, October 18, 2012

Same Old, Same Old

So peeps, this morning I took a look at some of the photos I've stored up during the last few weeks, and it doesn't look good for diet variety. Let's just say that I've developed a habit of eating brown rice + veg + beans + parmesan cheese + hot sauce. Sounds good, yes?

This blog is named after my feelings for kale, but brussel sprouts are by far my favorite veg.

Last night's dinner. 

Heh. Maybe not so good to have it this often, huh? Luckily David is only interested in ├╝ber healthy food, so even when I serve him a bowl of rice and veg and beans he's still really happy. It's funny, actually, because when we first moved in together I kept seeking out and cooking fancier recipes. He always liked them, but he always insisted on pouring olive oil and cashews on top--even when cashews didn't really go with the dish. Similarly, when we go to Whole Foods for dinner, he often will pour conflicting flavors onto the same dish--like a teriyaki sauce, a cashew "cheeze" sauce, and a marinara. Who does that??!! Yuck, right?! 

Anyhow, today is Thursday. I'm getting ready to leave for my Body Pump class at the gym, after which I'm meeting my friend Agniezska for coffee. I'm also contemplating going by Nordstrom Rack on the 29th Street Mall to look for a new pair of jeans and a few winter sweaters. Wish me luck, please:-)

After shopping, I'm going to Louisville to meet this guy and girl for dinner:

OMG, the cuteness. I can hardly take it!

*What are you eating over and over again right now?

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