Friday, October 12, 2012

BDay Fun!!!

Whew. Birthday parties sure are fun. You know who loves birthday parties? The little chica who got all these:

Oh, and this strange stalker looking guy who wrestled with the birthday girl and her screeching sister for about forty-five minutes.

David is very good with kids. So good that I sometimes feel bad when I see him play so energetically with them. You see, I feel bad because instead of watching him play and thinking, "Oh boy David is going to make such a fantastic father," I actually think, "This is great. This means that when I'm tired David will be the one to play with the children." In other words, I'm pretty much always thinking about myself and what's best for me. Yup. I'm going to be a really good mom.

I must say, seeing my niece Riley grow up (and blow out candles)

and seeing my twin brother Brian with his new baby Ella

has made me feel more ready and more excited to get knocked up. Yes, I'm going to call it getting knocked up no matter how old I get, how married I am, or how many degrees I earn. It's like I'm white trash, only I also use big words and drink hot tea instead of whiskey.

It's strange, really, because just a few years ago I wasn't as interested in babies or children. It's not that I didn't love my nieces, just that I felt a bit more detached--like I wasn't funny enough, or good enough with kids to really interact with them. I wouldn't say that I'm like a crazy kid "person" now, but I really look forward to seeing my nieces, and I'm starting to get excited about the prospect of popping one of those suckers out. (Well, I'm less excited about the popping and more excited about the result of the popping.)

At any rate, having a kid means more of this:

and that's a good thing.

Also a good thing? Getting some solid work done on my introduction while enjoy this:

That little nugget on the bottom is one of these:

And, walking to my car to see these:

*What's something that gave you some happiness today?

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