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It’s normal to eat an entire bunch of kale by yourself, right? Normal. . .hmmm. . .that’s a tough one. Normal for whom? For someone who grew up eating Blackjack Pizza, bologna sandwiches on white bread, and candy (think jellybeans at Easter, peppermint nougat at Christmas, and cinnamon bears year-round)? Is it normal for a previously plump adolescent who is still working through a challenging history of bulimia and anorexia? Or is it normal for a vegetarian living in the healthiest city in America?

I am all of these things, in addition to being a doctoral student, wife-to-be, and new homeowner. In the upcoming year I will move in to a new house, get married, finish my dissertation, and maybe even get knocked-up! This blog is a journal of my attempts to find happiness, health, and fitness through all of this, without giving up muffins or my sanity.

That’s right: happiness is directly correlated to muffins. (Don’t question me on this, math people!)

Stick around, read more, or shoot me an email at: nikkicookskale@gmail.com.

P.S. Thanks for reading! I’m glad you’re here.

P.P.S. I don’t really cook--I just try to. Currently, I mostly microwave, stir, and/or roast things. I also buy pre-made food at Whole Foods and feel guilty about it That's definitely normal!

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