Thursday, August 30, 2012


Holy f-ing pot pie it is hot already! Umm, what happened to fall here in Boulder? There were a few cool days last week, but now it is back up to mid-nineties, and it suuuuucks. (Mostly because we don't have air-conditioning.)

Anyhow, I'm posting this morning because I have another marathon afternoon/evening planned out. As soon as I'm done here, I'm off to a Body Pump class, followed by errands to pick up things because we're having my parents, my brother, my SIL, and my nieces over for dinner tonight. Before that, however, Adam and his sister are coming by to say hi and to also drop off some things that we are storing for Adam while he is out of the country. (Really, the deal was contingent upon him "storing" his TV here. We don't have a TV and most of the time I'm glad but sometimes it's wretched.)

Today I thought I'd fill you in on an aspect of my life that I haven't discussed as of yet. That aspect is Popsockets. Whaaaaa???, you ask? Well, Popsockets.

Popsockets are David's brainchild, and something that he has invented in order to minimize the hassle of having your headset attached to your iPhone. (David says no to any potential brain cancers caused by cell phone radiation--he's just that kind of guy!)

The bottom piece is, of course, the iPhone, which is covered in a case that he developed in partnership with Speck Design. The top part is the Popsocket itself, which is designed to collapse flat with the case when your headset is wrapped around it, and also to serve as a prop or kickstand for when you want to watch porn on your flight to Las Vegas with ease. (Better view sharing with your neighbors too.)

David is very serious about this invention, and last year even attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. He also put together a campaign, where he successfully raised some dollas to get these things manufactured.

I highly recommend that you watch this video. A lot of people loved it, while others literally emailed death wishes to David. (I guess some tech peeps don't like to see a doofus dancing his ass off.)

At any rate, while I suspect that many of you don't really care about David's invention, I thought I'd ask if you, or anyone that you're close to, have invented anything. I'm wondering because David seems to have a lot of friends who are always thinking of new inventions and considering which ones to really get behind and try to make.

This, to me, is pretty daunting, most because I don't sit around thinking about inventing new things, but also because it is a pretty big risk financially to create a new product.

*What do you guys think: crazy to invent something new, or are you all doing the same thing in your basements?

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