Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Vacation Cheater

Yes, that's what I am. I totally took Monday and Tuesday off this week from blogging, just because it seemed moderately permissible. Was I incredibly busy? Nope. Was I actually so bored that I had to start fights with David in order to occupy myself? No! No way! I would _not_ do that!

So, hmmm, where to start? New Year's Eve? It was a raucous celebration, let me tell you. It involved dinner with friends at Hapa Sushi on Pearl Street, where I ate this again:

Thank you for introducing this to me, Julia. David had it also and liked it.
P.S., I hope the APA is going well! David says he bets you're getting lots of interviews--is that the case?

After dinner David and I headed home--around nine-thirty p.m. We were in bed by ten-thirty and completely unconscious for the start of 2013. I hate to be a Scrooge about it, but I just don't give a crap about New Year's Eve. It's cute that everyone else does, though.

On New Year's day I lamented that my gym was closed and did some work with David in the afternoon. When we first me we used to do work at coffee shops on Pearl Street all the time. Now that I'm indolent, however, I have to make a special effort to commit to one of our work dates. I was especially reluctant yesterday because I didn't want to go down to town until I'd eaten my lunch, which I had really been craving.

Veggie burger with pepper-jack almond cheese and brussel sprouts doused with parmesan cheese and roasted hazelnuts. I'm a firm believer that pickle slices make any burger taste more like a restaurant burger. Tomato slices help, too, but we didn't have any tomatoes.

After our work session we came home to find Haruki in a near coma of relaxation:

Haruki also suffers from laziness-induced depression.

And that, my friends, is all that I've been up to lately. Although, I did have a rather funny run-in at the gym recently, in which I overheard a group of elderly ladies laughing about how they probably traumatized a few young girls by walking around the locker room completely naked. One of them even quipped that she bet they would have nightmares after seeing them all nude. That is definitely the kind of old lady I'd like to be, though I suspect that I will never be the type of person that can walk around completely naked in front of strangers.

Also, a programming note: David and I have friends coming into town today. They're staying with us tonight and then tomorrow we're going to Keystone for two days. (I _swear_ that I will take pictures!) I will also try to post regularly again, given that I was so delinquent over the pseudo-New Year's holiday, though it could be just quick photo check-ins.

And finally, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!!! I know mine was better because of all the comments and interactions that I've had with you peeps since starting this blog. As a reward you should all go eat some chocolate.

*Will you be one of those old ladies who walk around naked in the gym locker room? Are you already one of those younger ladies who walk around the gym locker room naked?


  1. I admit, I am one of those young ladies that walk around naked. After hanging out with swimmers in college who would not even think before stripping down in the locker room (and sometimes other places), I sort of adapted their habits. Plus, in med school we had to change for anatomy lab right in front of everyone (including the guys). So if I am comfortable with that, I am comfortable having a bunch of women seeing me naked.
    And regarding your last reply, I am getting ready to start my second semester! I have a little over one week, which I will be spending with my parents. I am very happy :)

    1. I'm jealous that you can walk around naked, but that's craaaaazy that you had to change in front of all your peers! All my fellow English Ph.Ds would probably have to pop a Xanax or talk to their psychotherapist before getting naked in front of anyone. (We are a neurotic bunch. Hmmm...would you say that med students are a neurotic bunch as well?)
      I'm glad to hear that you're very happy. You must be really happy to say that you're very happy. (Duh) I can't imagine myself saying that I'm very happy--not because I'm incapable of being happy or something, but because I just wouldn't want to jinx it or something.