Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Winter Weather Game Changer

The forecast called for a trace to two inches of snow overnight. Per usual, those weather peeps were wrong, and we got more than zero and also more than two inches of snow. 

This is what it looked like at four p.m. yesterday:

And this is what is quickly devolved into:

Luckily, David and I got out for a hike with Haruki before the storm really came in, and I thought I share a few photos of what the landscape around us looks like.

Whenever I tell people that we live in the area that was badly burned they always look traumatized--like living up here must be really depressing with everything being all burnt out.

As you can see, Haruki doesn't mind all the burnt logs and trees around; actually, they are her favorite play toy (aside from: deer, squirrels, and mice).

David is also nonplussed by the fire damage, and every time we go on a walk he goes on and on about how beautiful it is. In fact, here he is thinking about the beauty:

Or maybe it's just Popsockets that he is thinking about.

This is unrelated to the fire, but isn't it cool that we live on a mountain that used to be mined, with old railroad tracks and everything? It's just like in The Great Outdoors when those girls get lost in the mine. (Please someone admit they know what I'm talking about.)

Another totally benefit to the fire?

I don't think these pictures do this tree justice, but because the bark was burnt completely off all that is left is the pure white and incredibly smooth interior of the tree. Seriously, I can't say enough how beautiful this is in person: it's smooth, soft, and incredibly bright and white. Obviously it's sad that the trees were burnt and scarred, but it's not like I started the fire so it's okay if I appreciate some of its handiwork. (Right?)

After our walk and tree sightings, we headed home to cozy up and do some work. Yes, I said do some work. I don't normally equate cozy with work, but it wasn't so bad with the fire going:

*Is it snowing where you are? We've been having a week or two of fifty and sixty degree temps followed by a medium to big snow storm; if I wasn't so sane weather like this might make me go a little schizo.


  1. Was that fire started by someone twisting the newspaper and not crumpling it? You have to twist it lengthwise. To simulate kindling.

    I could also go for an Old 96er right about now.

    1. Haha--John Candy's face while he ate that thing was terrifying!!! Isn't it funny that when that movie came out goat cheese pizza was something freaky?