Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Wow

OK, so far Monday has not "Wowed." But "Wow, the weekend sure went by quickly."

I did snap a picture of the sunrise this morning, however. It didn't really "Wow" me, but maybe it will make your head spin around.

Though it went by quickly, the weekend was pretty good. In random order, here are some schtuffs that we did:

1) Had dinner at my parents' house with my brothers and nieces. They ate meaty burgers; we ate these:

Veg-et-ablé Burglers.

2) Went shopping for a new mattress. My mattress is total crap and because I'll be turning thirty-two next month I've decided that I should invest in a real bed with a nice mattress.

3) Watched the Screen Actors' Guild Awards.

4) Went to lunch with David, his sister Christine, and her new boyfriend Greg. Since I just met Greg I didn't ask to take his picture. But...I did, finally, take a picture of our food!!! We went to Shine in Boulder, which is a relatively new restaurant that has taken over a space previously filled with lots of different restaurants.

I ordered the Boulder Breakfast, which had brown rice, seared greens, and two eggs over hard:

I realize that this doesn't look very fancy, but it was very tasty.

Luckily David ordered something fancy, namely, the Avocado Hollandaise Eggs Benedict:

Don't be fooled, though--mine was way better. After eating his meal David was still hungry, so he ordered one blueberry pancake. I forgot to take a picture of it, but it was basically a fried blueberry pancake with really thick maple syrup on it. I had been oogling the pancakes from the time we sat down, so I was pretty happy to help David out with his second order.

And now, my friends, I have to get to the gym for bootcamp before coming home to do work. Womp womp. If only it were a holiday and I had an excuse for taking a nap instead of working...

*Do you share food with your partner when you eat out?

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