Friday, January 25, 2013

Federer Friday

Maybe you all don't follow tennis, but Roger Federer is playing Andy Murray on ESPN right now. Well, actually, they played last night and now ESPN is showing it. I've managed to stay away from any news that might spoil the ending, so please don't write in with comments about the winner until three p.m. Mountain Standard Time. P.S. I love love love Roger Federer. I hoped we would see him while we were in Switzerland on our honeymoon, but alas we didn't. I consoled myself with cheese.

Anyway, my point here is how much I enjoy watching the tennis Grand Slams. It's the perfect excuse to spend an afternoon watching TV, since after all, it is the semifinals, and that's a special occasion, i.e. it's not like I'm just watching crappy daytime television. These are the things I tell myself anyway.

In addition to watching tennis, I've also just finished an early lunch that consisted of leftovers from last night, when David and I went to dinner at Native Foods with our friends Jill and Dom. I had the Greek Gyro bowl but since we also ordered two appetizers I had plenty of leftovers. Today I spiced them up with some hot sauce and Titanium Dioxide, aka Daiya cheese:

Also, here's this:

This has nothing to do with anything, but it's a picture I took yesterday afternoon when I stopped by campus to pick up some library books. In addition to being known as a "party school," CU Boulder is also a beautiful campus. Most of the buildings are designed in the same style, and if you didn't know better you might mistake our campus for that of Stanford, actually.

I think most people would agree that Stanford's campus is nicer than CU Boulder, but you get the idea--lots of buildings with rust-colored stucco rooftops clumped together. FYI, I had to look up stucco to make sure I knew what I was talking about.

*What athlete would you love to meet in person?


  1. Scott Hamilton. He's an ice skater and did a number to Aerosmith's Walk This Way that I always loved to watch.

    Also, Jay Bell. He's a little known baseball player that I like because he had a cool baseball card.

    Clearly I am all up on sports.

    1. Clearly you should spend a little less time outside photographing tree bark and a bit more time inside watching ESPN:-)

  2. Oh, Old Main, how I love you. And all the other buildings on CU campus. My mom always tell me the story of the first time she drove into Boulder on 36 and pretty much all there was to see was campus and how breathtaking it was.

    1. The campus is remarkably pretty, isn't it? I bet it is what woos all those Texans into coming to CU. Well, that, and the legalized marijuana.