Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Something New!

Yup, I tried something new! Booyah!

OK, maybe it's not as exciting as all that, but this morning I did try a new exercise class--Pilates Reformer. My gym recently started making the Pilates Reformer classes part of the price of the membership, so I signed up in the hopes of adding a little ab and back strengthening. The class runs for four weeks and this morning was the first session.

For those of you who don't know, Pilates Reformer is basically Pilates but not on a mat. Instead of a mat, you use a Reformer to torture yourself. The reformer looks like this:

I took Pilates pretty regularly for a few months...about eight years ago. That was a mat class and since then I've shunned Pilates completely. Not because I have anything against it, I just haven't felt like fitting it into my workout schedule until now. And, to be honest, that reformer thing is scary, right? It looks a lot like a medieval torture device--fo reals.

But, I'm happy to report that all went well. Today's was a pretty introductory class that was designed to get us used to the reformer and the Pilates way of breathing while moving. We also talked a lot about our spines and how they are versus how they should be aligned. Luckily I was tired or I would've been a little peeved about all the time we spent just standing and listening rather than actually doing moves n' stuff.

After class I came home to do work--thank God I'm actually getting into a consistent work schedule again--and take Haruki for a walk. She sniffed and ran while I walked and thought. We are a good team like that.

This evening I had plans to meet up with my friend Heidi for dinner in Denver. We had dinner at yup, you guessed it--Watercourse Foods. Most of my friends are vegetarians so Watercourse is pretty much our go-to place for veg food. I had the Jimmy Wrap, which is like a Greek salad in a wrap, with a big side of kale. I've had the Jimmy Wrap before, but for some reason when I ordered it tonight I couldn't help but laugh out loud at Jimmy Wrap because I'm so perverted. Anyway, I forgot to photograph dinner, as usual, but here is a picture of my leftover kale:

With the flash on. Bam. Photo gold, people.

I also took a photo of the dessert case:

This, my friends, is Watercourse's version of a Samoa cookie. If you live nearby, go get it!!!

And with that piece of priceless advice, I bid you good day as I'm off to sleep. I've got a big day tomorrow: workout class at the gym, training session at the Humane Society for a new position I'm filling, and dinner with my family to welcome my cousin Sean who is visiting from San Diego.

*Do you know anyone who is a vegetarian? Seriously. Many of my friends are vegetarians but I'm curious to see how isolated (and privileged and cliche) we are.

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