Monday, January 7, 2013

Cheesy Monday

Happy Monday, y'all! Heh. Heh. Actually, I am having a pretty good Monday, thankyouverymuch. I had a really good workout at the gym today--Step & Sculpt, which was one of those classes that gets your heart rate up really high but still feels fun. Maybe you think there is no such class, but I'm pretty sure I took it this morning.

I haven't been feeling much actual hunger lately, largely because I've just been eating everything in sight:-) But after Step & Sculpt my hunger was definitely raring. So, I did something that I haven't done in probably three years. I ate a TV dinner. A fancy TV dinner, but still a TV dinner. It was vegan Mac and Cheese, made by Candle Cafe in NYC. 

Candle Cafe, in case you aren't a freakish vegan person, is a restaurant in NYC that specializes in raw and vegan foods. David took me there on our first trip to NYC (where he went to grad school) and the Candle Cafe is part of the reason I'm always so disappointed by vegetarian restaurants in Boulder. Candle Cafe TV dinner is not the same as dinner at the real Candle Cafe, but this was pretty good--a nice change of pace. Have I mentioned that we recently got a microwave? This lunch was made possible by that microwave, and I appreciated it.

Weekend-wise, I don't have too much to report. I traveled to my parents' house for some football and relaxing on Sunday:

The view from the gas station on the way down (aka things aren't so bad if this is what you look at everyday):

And yes, I realize that this is ironic given that the gas pumps are blocking the otherwise fabulous view.

Another reason Sunday wasn't so bad? This little chubmonster:

Seriously, I die. Look how her little ears poke out--just like mine! And those tights! I may have bought those for her for Christmas just because I wanted to see her little thighs in cloth tights...

*Do you watch football? Does your family? Are you rooting for the Fighting Irish tonight in the BCS Championship game? (You better be...)


  1. I think I was traumatized by having an ex who loved college football. Chairs were thrown, plants were destroyed...shudder. In other words, no I'm not watching the Championship game. Even with gas pumps in the way, our mountains are pretty breathtaking.

    1. Ha! I had an ex who was the same way and also hated Notre Dame, so I'm half-watching the game and rooting for the Irish out of spite. (I'm a petty, petty woman.)