Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Bubbler

That's right, people. I got one:

Thanks to some Christmas $$$ given to me by my very generous father in law, I am now the owner of a machine that will take regular water to the next level. I would've gotten it sooner, actually, but David was really insistent that we get one with glass, rather than plastic, carafes. So I had to search around for this model (The Crystal, it's called), just so David can feel reassured that I prolly won't be contaminated by too much BPA and such. (If he only knew how many TV dinners I microwaved and ate from while I was anorexic he'd probably give up trying now--oh well!)

Anyway, I haven't outwardly stated it here, but I am addicted to bubbly water. I love, love, love it. That was actually one of the best parts about traveling to France and Switzerland, actually, since bubbly water is everywhere just like bottles of regular water.

When I'm not jet setting, I'm usually fighting my addiction by trying to avoid buying the bubbly water that comes from Whole Foods. I'm sure you've had it; maybe it changed your life too when you tried it for the first time. At any rate, our fridge usually has at least one bottle of the stuff in it at all times:

In addition to the cost (the bottle on the left costs $1.99), I've been living with the guilt that the bottles and water are flown all the way from Italy. Yah. That means I'm responsible for a good chunk of Arctic melting, since flying all those bottles of fun bubbly water from Italy to Boulder can't be cheap as far as environmental impact goes.

But now, thanks to my father in law, I can make my own fun bubbles! Here's the machine on our counter:

Here's the carafe full of bubbly goodness:

It doesn't look bubbly, but it is!

And here is me, happy to have all the bubbly water I could ever desire:

OK, maybe not. This _may_ be a picture of me having a seizure in the Whole Foods bathroom. I look way too tired to be taking and posting pictures of myself this morning. Please excuse me:-)

*Do you like fizzy water? Or do you drink something else, besides water, that is less boring and makes you more likely to keep hydrated through the day?

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