Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Weather Letdown

It was supposed to be nearly seventy degrees in Boulder, Colorado today. Only with no sun and moderate cloud cover that didn't really happen. Boo.

Despite the less than perfect, but actually really nice for January weather, I was able to savor this little gem of a moment: driving home from the gym I saw a group of kids crossing the street together. They were all tethered, with little cut-outs for hands, while they crossed.

I'm pretty sure a pedestrian took down my license plate number as I took this photograph, so I hope you all think it's super cute too.

After I got home I proceeded to eat, and quickly. This morning I did half a bootcamp class + that pilates reformer class. Today, when we did the move "Teaser" our instructor actually said, "Wow" with an obvious note of surprise that we were able to do it. Ha.

For lunch, I had leftovers from last night, which were brussel sprouts and aduki beans. I added some Daiya cheese, which, in case you don't know, is a vegan cheese substitute.

It may have titanium dioxide in it, but at least it's not real cheese and I won't get fat, right? Rigggght. Heh. Actually, we don't usually eat Daiya cheese, but for some reason I saw it at the store last week and wanted it.

I also ate a boatload of brown rice chips with leftover tea and bubbly water.

These are just show chips. The real chips I ate were many more in number at not nearly so perfectly triangular.

After lunch I sated my sweet tooth with a bit of Chocolove--dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt.

That's real-life lipgloss schmear there, people.

Sometimes I think I eat something sweet after a meal just so I don't have to start working again. I'm really in the home stretch with this effing dissertation, though. I just hope it doesn't take too many chocolate bars to get to the finish...

Another thing that distracts me? When David isn't teaching and is home all day. Today, he mocked me for doing these girly band exercises every so often when I'm working.

Sometimes I wish he was as funny as he thinks he is.

*Is your partner funny? 


  1. Yes, he is funny . . . often times when it's not appropriate to be funny. His secret to a happy life is he always manages to make me laugh when I want so badly to just be mad at him.

  2. I was SO letdown by the weather today. Where was the sun?! I like to think I'm the funny one in my relationship but Joey might disagree...