Thursday, January 31, 2013

Random Bizness

Thursday means that I go to my usual BodyPump class at the YMCA, though today we had a substitute instructor who really liked to talk. I mean, talk, and talk, and talk. And not about anything exercise related. Actually, one priceless anecdote she shared was in regards to her daughter's carsickness, which she recounted in minute detail while we were trying to do pliƩ squats. I won't make you sick too, but I will just say that apparently her daughter had eaten hot cocoa and Doritos before her most recent bout of carsickness.

Somehow...haha...I was still able to eat lunch, and a good one at that. I'm actually still at Native Foods where I went for the Greek Gyro bowl. I'm so predictable. Not only did I order the same thing I always order, but I forgot to photograph it. In my defense, however, that's because I was starving.

My lunch is gone and now I'm just killing a bit of time before I go to Target, after which I have my Thursday afternoon shift at the Humane Society. After that, David and I are having dinner with our friends Ajume and Eric. This brings me to the major downside of living in the mountains outside of Boulder rather than living in Boulder proper: I can't just run home when I have a break in my schedule, and instead I often find myself waiting around a coffee shop or Whole Foods because my previous activity has ended and I still have an hour or two before my next activity/commitment. I find this difficult for two reasons:

1) It's difficult to watch Teen Mom 2 in public. Sure, I could pull out my headphones and get down with some TV watching at any cafe in town. But the lack of typing would, I think, make it obvious that I wasn't doing work of any kind and I'm just too guilt-ridden to watch TV in public. Can anyone understand this, or am I just really uptight? (Edited to add: "and/or am I just really uptight?")

2) I don't like being in public and around other people for really long stretches of time. On some days I'll leave the house at eight-thirty in the morning, only to return at eight-thirty in the evening after we've had dinner with friends. It's not that I'm agoraphobic and am afraid of leaving home, but I sometimes find social interactions exhausting; home is the only place where I completely relax and unwind, so not being able to pop in and take a quick nap, for example, is a real drawback to mountain life.

The other big drawback? When we have kids we are going to have to drive about thirty to thirty-five minutes to get to the hospital to deliver them. Ouch.

And finally, to round out this Random Bizness post of bizarre crap, what are you doing for Super Bowl Sunday? It sounds like my parents want me to come over to watch the game, but I'm seriously tempted to stay home and eat Boulder-ized versions of game day food along with chocolate and Kombucha.


  1. I used to get so much work done when I'd go sit by myself in public somewhere. I felt so isolated when I used to do school work at home. But 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM does seem like long time to be out. We're throwing a party for the Super Bowl, complete with a chili bar, jello shots and a keg. I'm stoked. I don't actually care about the game, just the commercials and Beyonce!