Monday, January 14, 2013

Cold and Fun

In that order--that's how my weekend was. A cold front has moved into the Boulder/Denver area, and it has been bitterly cold the last few days. It might not have been quite so bad if I had only stayed in Boulder, but on Saturday morning I woke up at 5 a.m. to drive to Keystone, Colorado for a one-night ski getaway with my brothers, sister in law Sarah, and cousins Sean and Zach.



It was cold at 6,000 feet above sea level, but even more so at 11,000 or so. I mean so cold that it feels like a parasite is attacking your dermis when you expose your skin to the air. Brrrrrr.

We started skiing on Saturday morning at 8:45 and were near hypothermic until around 10 a.m. when the sun finally broke over the front side of the mountain. But...but...there was powder, people! Not so much that a crap skier like me had trouble, but just enough so that there was a nice fluffy top layer of snow. Yes, please!

After skiing until two or so we headed back to our condo to get warm, shower up, and, well, drink and eat. Originally there had been talk about night skiing, but because it was about five degrees Fahrenheit when the sun was at its highest we figured night skiing with no sunshine was probably unwise. So, we kept ourselves busy with pizza, the Broncos playoff game, and cards.

Greek pizza was definitely the highlight.

Sleeping in a condo with eight other people could've been a lot worse, but this morning I was still pretty tired when my brother Brian, cousin Sean and I started the trek back to Denver. When I got home I found David sick--moaning, coughing, feverish--the works. I proceeded to help him hydrate with tea and a mixture of orange juice and bubbly water, but he still ended up heading to bed at the ripe hour of seven p.m.

Pobrecito. Pobrecito for Ruki too, since David usually takes her on longer walks. Instead, she had to take a rest day too:

But, on the plus side, I'm not sick! Yay! Heh. And, I got to watch The Golden Globes without David walking in and asking what kind of trash I'm watching. Can someone else please admit to loving award shows (besides just me and Lauren)? I know it's just grotesque and shameless celebrity watching,! 


  1. Shoot, I meant to comment on this post but whenever I try to do it from my phone at work, I can't seem to do it. Hmm. Anyways shameless celebrity watching is my life. And I'm proud!

    1. Do you stalk Daily Mail? They have all the "stories" that are in People and Us Magazine, but sooner. They are also a lot more ruthless, i.e. they really do run headlines like: "So and So gained X pounds--Does she really need that ice cream treat?"