Thursday, January 3, 2013


Well, not really for me, but more for David. You see, David's friend from grad school, Adam, is here in Colorado visiting with his family. Last night they stayed at our house and today we've made the journey up to Keystone so they can enjoy some winter fun. (They live in Austin, so snow is something of a novelty, especially for their two daughters.)

Before leaving Boulder, however, we all got acquainted, had dinner last night, and took a walk this morning. Though it took them awhile, the girls also warmed up to Haruki, and promptly tormented played with her.

Haruki looks so happy, right? I think it was that last stuffed animal, placed (gently--ha!) between her back legs, that really made her happy to have guests. I took her out on an early and quiet long walk before anyone else was awake this morning, so hopefully that offset some of the of having young kids in the house.

Now we're in Keystone and we've just checked in to our room. The drive up I-70 was pretty as ever:

And Keystone is pretty too:

I've never been to Keystone, excepting once when my brother and I rode our bikes from Breckenridge to A-Basin. I'm looking forward to checking out the scene tomorrow, and perhaps doing a little skiing as well.

For now, however, I'm camped out here

and looking up places to eat for dinner in Keystone.

*Do you like my hot pink tennis bag? You can just spot a bag full of hazelnuts to the right of my hat if you look closely.

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