Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Have a Friend!

At least that's my takeaway after I received a package from a certain Joanna from Midwestern Bite yesterday. You see, after giving you all a blog tour of our new house Joanna noticed how bare our walls are and took it upon herself to remedy the situation.

I was pretty excited just to get this cute bubble wrapper thingy, actually. (After I got over my nervousness about giving my home address to a stranger, that is...sorry, Joanna. If Homeland has taught me anything it's that anyone could be a hit man or spy.) Getting the package reminded me of when I was in middle school and subscribed to the Babysitter's Book Club. I got a package in the mail every month, with three Babysitter's Club books, stickers, pencils, and other useless crap.

Obviously the big difference between then and now is that what Joanna sent me isn't crap. She even categorized it according to my different tastes.

For my traditional side:

I prefer the buildings on the left to the sailboats on the right.

For my "whimsical" side:

Hold on to your pants, people, because Joanna actually painted these herself! They're little baby TVs! And she painted them herself! Admittedly I don't know crap about painting or art, but I'm pretty well impressed with these. They will definitely be going up somewhere in our house, though as yet I haven't decided where.

And finally, for my "sentimental" side, Joanna made prints of some of my honeymoon photos--some in color and some in sepia. The sepia series is my favorite,

and not just because it reminds me what a wonderful photographer I am (haha), but because she chose several pics that are, as she says, "architectural." And, seeing them in sepia makes them so much more artsy. It actually kind of makes the trip we took seem more honeymoon-ish and special seeing the pics like this. They almost make me forget about the little glitches and quarrels we experienced--like getting lost on the way to Versailles, or when David enraged a Swiss person because his French was so bad and she thought he was being rude.

So, in closing, a big thanks to Joanna. I was really surprised when she offered to send me some wall art and even more surprised when I received it and realized how thoughtful and wonderful her choices were. She's hiding a lot of goodness under all that snark, people.

Now it's my turn to surprise her with some goodness. She said that she enjoyed doing something nice for me and that I don't need to return the favor, but come on--who doesn't love getting something surprising and fun in the mail?

With that I'm off to brainstorm up some surprising and fun stuff. Feel free to leave ideas in the comments section; I'm sure Joanna will agree not to read them...right, Joanna?

*Can you paint?


  1. PO Boxes are cheap! We got one after moving. Otherwise it's pretty easy for folks to find out personal info about domain owners. :(

    1. Hmmm...that's a good point. Luckily, though, hehe, I'm still a little blog and my blog is hosted by blogger. I think that means I won't get murdered by a crazed reader, but let me know if I'm wrong.
      P.S. Your wife is pretty fantastic!

  2. So happy you liked everything! I was touched by the goodness and snark comment. Perhaps goodness and snark can be my new motto. I prefer the building on the left over the boats too, but I LOVE the colors in the boat picture. Can't wait to see where you decide to put everything.

    Also, I told you what I wanted . . . Haruki fingerprint art!