Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Couples Rez

Well boo, peeps. I've got no photos to show you today because David took my phone and hasn't returned home yet. My bad. I know that I don't take terrific photos, but even a picture of a half-eaten veggie burger is better than nothing, right? And I did eat a half of a veggie burger today. Two halves of a veggie burger, actually. I basically inhaled it this evening for dinner after getting home a bit later than I'd expected. I went to the movies this afternoon with my friend Adam. We saw Hyde Park on Hudson. It wasn't good. We went because we both really like Bill Murray, but umm...not so much.

To make up for the lack of photos, I thought I'd fill you all in on some of the resolutions that David and I made for the New Year. Yes, the resolutions that we made. Neither of us are really big into resolutions, but after I prompted him a bit we did decide to make some resolutions about our relationship.

1) I have to start enunciating more. Apparently I slobber a lot of my words together and it makes it difficult to understand what I'm saying sometimes. I wouldn't say this is a major make or break factor for our relationship, but David would be a happier husband if didn't always have to ask me "What?"

2) David is going to work on carving out more quality family time. He has been working an insane amount of hours lately between Popsockets and his legit job at the university. I tolerate this OK to a point, though after said "point" I start getting resentful and disappointed that he always has work to do, instead of, say, going to the movies in the middle of a weekday:-)

3 I have to work on being more proactive in making plans. Because I know how busy he is I fail to plan much time that's just for us. (Apparently I'd rather complain after the fact.) So, I'm going to work on making more concrete plans, including more date nights and more of what we call "Teach and Learn Nights." You guys aren't going to believe how geeky this is, but David and I have a specific kind of date where the sole object is learning something new. First we go to the Boulder Book Store on Pearl Street, where each of us searches out a book that we find interesting. Then we each spend approximately 25 minutes reading some portion of the book. Finally, we go to dinner, where we give each other a summary of what we read and what we've learned. Now before you all quit reading my geeky blog I should say that it's not like we read books about trigonometry, though there was that one time when David read and told me about a book that described how planes fly. Whew--that was a tough one for me to sit and listen to! But mostly it's just a chance to talk to each other while thinking about an idea, an event, a person that we might not have been exposed to otherwise. (Especially because David and I always choose books that are quite different from what the other person would normally choose.)

OK, that's enough dirt on our relationship for one post, I think. What about you? Do you and your partner have any habits like Teach and Learn Night? Or how about just any habits that are borderline embarrassing?

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