Friday, December 28, 2012

Final Friday

Before the New Year, that is. And what did I do on this final Friday?

Well, first I got my ass handed to me in boot camp class at my gym. Because of my knee injury it had been about two weeks since my last boot camp class, and let me tell you, it hurt. Running on a treadmill and Body Pump classes are not the same as running drills, lifting, carrying, and squatting heavy weights, and all the other horror that is boot camp. But, I made it through.

After Boot camp and a shower I headed to run some errands around town. My main stop was Cost Plus World Market, where I had hoped to buy a desk for myself. Sadly, they didn't have many desks in the actual store and all I bought was a new silverware drawer-holder-thing. I did observe, however, how crazy the candy/food section is at CPWM. Am I the only one who hadn't noticed this? I mean, they've got candies and chocolates that you would otherwise only see abroad.

After oogling all this goodness for awhile, I set off to meet my parents and David for lunch and a movie. (This was my Dad's Christmas present from us.) We ate at Pizzeria da Lupo, where none of us had eaten previously. And, of course, I forgot to take any pictures. Sigh. But, I did take pictures of my leftovers after I had reheated them for dinner:

That would be their brussel sprout salad (with radicchio, pecorino, and roasted walnuts) and their simple cecina, which is an Italian flatbread of sorts that is made from garbanzo flour. Both were good at the restaurant and even better when reheated at home. I bet you never see photographs of greasy plates on Edible Perspective, do you? Oh well. David is always telling me that I need to stand out more from other blogs in order to get more readers.

After lunch I went to see Silver Linings Playbook with my parents. David had a meeting and couldn't come, which is a shame because it was a good movie. Funny, strong writing, and well acted. I've seen a lot of crap movies recently and it was nice to see one that didn't suck.

The only other highlight of my final Friday? Roasting these guys:

Hazelnuts, people. 

Or, more accurately, roasting them and then eating them with chocolate chips:-)

*Which nuts can you not live without? I wish I had the guts to eat macadamia nuts--do you eat those?


  1. I didn't dislike Silver Linings Playbook per se, but I didn't really like it either. It had some touching moments but I don't think I was as impressed as it sounds like most other people were. I have a bag of salted macadamia nuts that I hide from myself because they're so luxurious and delicious that I could easily eat the whole bag at once.

    1. I tried raw unsalted macadamia nuts the other day and was _not_ impressed. Roasting and salting is mandatory for macadamias, I think. (Covering in chocolate is not a bad way to go either.)

  2. Lately, I have really been into pistachios. I think it is a combo of taste and how fun they are to eat. Macadamia nuts and cashews are also ones I cannot live without. And there is rarely a day that I don't eat peanut butter (sort of addicted).
    Anyways, that candy selection is amazing. I can't believe you made it out of there without buying any. Although I must say that after having a fresh Toblerone bar when I was in Europe, the ones in the States don't taste as good. It must be something in the shipping.
    Hope you are having a great New Years Day!

    1. I think you're right about the difference in quality between American and European chocolate--even the same bar with the same apparent maker tastes better in Europe.
      Thanks for the NYD well wishes! It made me feel good to receive them. I hope your New Year's celebrations were good too. You're prolly gearing up for your second semester at med school, so good luck with that!