Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sick Behaviors

As I mentioned earlier this week, David is sick with the flu. Not surprisingly, this gives me an opportunity to think and talk about myself, namely how I respond when I have the flu and how I respond when others have the flu. I should state at the outset that David was very sick--a fever of 102 at one point. Also, despite having a high fever he did not want to take any kind of medicine for fear of disrupting his body's natural ability to fight off the virus.

What he did want to do, however, was moan. A lot. Like every other second I could hear him making this sound: "Ohhhhhh." Or this sound: "Uhhhhhh." Only that doesn't do it justice. It's more like the sound that a woman giving birth makes when she is about seven centimeters dilated. There are also moan variations, such as deep sighs that go on forever, and excessively heavy breathing that is a lot like Pilates breathing--you know, where you're supposed to sound like you're fogging up a window or mirror?

If you've read this blog for any amount of time then you know where I'm going with this.

I am not a fan of the moaning. Or the groaning. Or the amped up sighing. I have been taking care of David, making him lunches and dinners, tucking him into bed, taking the dog on all of her walks, putting cold washcloths on his head, etc., etc. I am not a heartless person and I know that my poor husband was feeling pretty badly. (Though I should add that he exhibits the same moaning and groaning even when he has just a regular cold.)

But, come on!!! I've been sick! I've had a 102 fever! I've had the stomach flu and made less noise than he does!! (And that's saying something!!) When I'm sick I just get quiet. I don't ask for anyone to take care of me, and I certainly don't walk around the house letting everyone know, every minute, how bad I feel. You know why? Because there's no point! Moaning doesn't make you feel better when you're sick--it just makes everyone around you feel worse. In my case it's just frustrating because I know that I can't do anything to remedy David's condition--including by persuading him to take some effing Advil.

*So, people, please, tell me some stories about when you're sick or when your loved one is sick. Are you a groaner? Do you live with one?

I should also add two disclosures here:

1) This post may be sponsored in part by PMS. No compensation has been provided and the opinions expressed here are (sort of) my own.

2) I know that when we have kids the situation will be completely different. I'm okay with kids moaning and groaning, largely because they're just not old enough to understand why they feel so bad and that makes it that much more sad:-(


  1. I've slept in the guest room before when Mike was sick so I hear ya. Mike is not a sick moaner though, I just don't want to get it.

    I hear the flu is particularly bad this season. I say next year talk the man into getting a flu shot then maybe you can nip this all in the bud before it begins.

    Also, tell David I hope he feels better!

    1. David says, "Who is Joanna? Oh, right. Tell her I think that she's a real charm and it was so nice of her to send us the artwork and turn our house into a home."
      (I've told him about you several times; he's not big on details and even still sometimes refers to Haruki as a "he.")

  2. Oh my god, men. They are all such babies when they get sick. My mom is particularly unsympathetic when my dad is sick so I think I got it from her but my patience when Joey is sick is kind of short. My mom still texts me when my dad has a cold to ask if she is allowed to put a pillow over his face.

    1. Oh my god thank you Lauren! I was about to implode with self-guilt but it really saved me to think about your mom and that pillow.