Friday, February 1, 2013

Flashback Friday

Heya peeps! Happy Friday! I'm pretty pumped that it's Friday, not least because it's the Super Bowl weekend! I'm also pumped because tonight David's parents are taking us out to dinner. Not just any dinner, either--we are going to Frasca, which is literally the best (and most expensive) restaurant in town. I'm going to try to take pictures of our dinner, though it's likely that I'll be too intimidated by the setting to pull out my iPhone.

In addition to working on revisions of my dissertation chapters, today I also transferred the photos from my old computer onto my present computer. So, I thought I'd give you a little photo insight into whomz I am.

First up:

This photo pretty much sums up all I could ever say about myself.

This too:

This photo was from my first year volunteering on Ride the Rockies, which is an annual cycling ride across Colorado. New volunteers had to perform, so I did it up with a purple wig that, for some reason, I already owned?!! I volunteered for Ride the Rockies for three (four?) years before riding it myself for three years. And fyi, I'm a terrible singer.

Bet you didn't know that I have a black belt in Taekwondo, didja?

This photo is from my Black Belt testing, that's why my belt isn't actually black yet.

Bam! Breaking boards and kicking pads was really satisfying.

More reasons why I'm a bad dumb ass:

That's from my first cycling accident. I ran into a cement pylon. Heh. And yes, those are stretch marks--big ones:-)

Me and my mom:

This was the day we went to see Stacy London (from TLC's What Not to Wear) speak. (Don't judge.)

Me and my mom again, but this time at my brother Brian's wedding:

After I'd had waaaaay too much to drink at that wedding:

I have no idea why my tongue is out, but I did bite through it when I was younger because I tripped while running and holding it out just like that. And fyi, I can't dance either.

Me and my roommate Christina (aka someone needed to start eating more pizza):

Ditto on the pizza, and fyi, I can't take good pictures:

One of my first dates with David:

And one more pic for all you ladies of my first Halloween with David. I know you all are going to lovvvve this one! (Hehe.)

I can't believe I kept dating him after this one.

*Do you go back through old photos and reminisce often?


  1. Nikki! All those pictures are so great! That one of you at the wedding is priceless. A black belt, huh? That's AWESOME. My sister took karate when we were younger and I used to go watch and she was... bad. Just so bad. I think she made it to an orange belt, though.

    1. Maybe I should challenge your sister to a ninja fight! (In the Asian foods aisle, of course!)