Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I've Got That Food Stuck In My Head

So obviously we've all heard the phrase "song stuck in my head," yah?

But let's talk about having food stuck in your head, and I don't mean literally. (Given my experience with bird shit earlier this week you might've been uncertain).

I mean what happens when you've fixated so much on a certain food that you are damn near useless until you get it. Also, you're willing to do a lot to get it and nothing will serve as a substitute. This happens to you too, right? You get hooked on the fall pumpkin latte at Starbucks and have it every freaking day, only to be literally crushed when fall ends and you're stuck with some Peppermint bullshit come Christmas-time?

I'm thinking about this today because I am currently eating some Sesame Kale from Whole Foods. You may remember Sesame Kale from such films as

Ahem. "Whole Paycheck" is right.

At any rate, lately my Whole Foods has decided to not make Sesame Kale. Talk about a tale spin! Wahhhh? I've been forced to try other kinds of prepared kale salads, and at this point I'm thinking I might actually have to cook some freakin' kale of my own. (I really should've called my blog "Nikki Buys Kale From Whole Foods," but that wasn't as catchy.

But it also reminded me that I have a bad habit of getting into food habits and then obsessively trying to stick with them.

Exhibit A: When I first moved to Boulder and began spending my entire earnings at Whole Foods, I became addicted to the roasted brussel sprouts. As in, I ate them nearly every single day. I also drove around town to three different Whole Foods if I couldn't find said sprouts at my store of choice. Surely that is a sign of sickness.

Exhibit B: Before I became the health-conscious sugar-shunner that I am today, I looooooooved having a few small cookies every night. I'm not talking about serious sized cookies, but more like a handful of animal crackers, or in this particular case, gingerbread Christmas cookies. As with the brussel sprouts, I would literally drive twenty miles total to check and see if any the King Soopers in my area had these cookies when I couldn't find them in my usual store. I would also obsessively eat a few of these cookies every.single.night, whether I was hungry or not.

So, how abnormal is this? Am I the only one who is willing to drive a decent distance to get exactly the food that is "stuck in my head," or are there others of you out there who also get fixated on something yummy from time to time?

P.S. No photos today. Will be a better person tomorrow.


  1. When I moved away for college, I would lose sleep thinking about my favorite hole-in-the-wall pizza shack where I basically grew up thanks to the owner in the dirty kitchen sharing dirtier jokes and the ways of the woman. Dad tried covering my ears, but I still heard.

    On my trips home I'd get hooked up with large jars of their garlic salad dressing made just for me, which helped. A few years later when the owner passed away, my Dad spent years of his retirement experimenting and perfecting the recipe himself. Thankfully I'm now never without for long.

    Yet I still lose sleep when I haven't had it in a few days.

    1. Hooked on salad dressing, huh? I think that puts you in my "kooky" league for sure.

    2. I'll take kooky. Sorry for what looks like shameless wife blog pimping, but Joanna somehow created a burger based on the salad dressing. To this day, it's the best thing I've ever eaten.

    3. You _are_ a pimp, Mike, and you don't have to apologize for who you are on this blog:-)
      (Even if you do like MSG!)

  2. You know you can call Whole Paycheck and ask if they have what you want, right? Took me only about three years to realize.

  3. Julia! I'm so sorry--I totally forgot to respond to your facebook message! Are you still in town?
    P.S. Yes, I think I did know that at the time, but for some reason chose not to make my life easier by doing so...