Monday, August 27, 2012

When Life Gives You Zucchini...

In lieu of a weekend recap, I thought I'd give you a post on the highlight of my day, namely, finding two huge zucchini while riding my bike.

On second thought, maybe that seems to pathetic. Oh weeeeeeeell!

My gym is closed this week for annual maintenance, which was finally enough motivation to get me out on my road bike again. While I have been mountain biking several times, I've just been too hooked on these Boot Camp/Body Pump classes at my gym, and consequently my poor road bike, Flo, as I call her, has really suffered from neglect. This is too bad because Flo really is hot shit.

Anyhow, I headed out this morning for a ride that I used to do all the time. It's up Boulder Canyon to Four Mile Canyon, and you can either stop riding after about five miles when the pavement turns to dirt, or you can stop being a pussy and keep riding for about ten more miles before the road ends in Sunset, Colorado. I didn't go all the way to Sunset today, for reasons that I'll explain shortly, but I did go about seven miles up the canyon--all of them really relaxing, beautiful, and just generally happiness-inducing.

I was pretty scared beforehand that despite all my classes at the YMCA I'd be sucking a shit-ton of air as soon as I started riding. As any of you fellow cyclists out there know, cycling is a type of fitness all its own: even when I could run fifteen miles at a good clip I couldn't ride uphill for crap if I hadn't been training regularly. Miraculously, however, I sucked minimal air today, and generally felt just as fit as I had the last time I rode my road bike--go figure!

This alone was reason enough to enjoy the bike ride, but on top of this, I came across a sign on the side of the road that totally made my day:

Two really professional-looking cyclists came upon me here and gave me the strangest look when I yelled--very excitedly--"FREE SQUASH!!!" Apparently they hadn't ridden up the canyon with the intention of picking up fresh produce. (Losers)

While there wasn't any squash, there were two HUGE zucchineez!!! (It appears that both me and my zucc benefactor can't spell zucchini correctly.) I couldn't think of continuing to ride without taking my zucchini bounty, but I also wasn't enthused about carrying to enormous zucchini farther uphill with me. So, I did what any hoarder would do: I squeezed the zucchini in the back pockets of my jersey and decided to call it a day. After all, thinking about what to make with my zucchini burned prolly even more calories than continuing to ride, right?

Me trying to photograph said zuccs in my back pockets:

First attempt: not even close.

From this angle you can see the lovely garden that produced this zucchini.

I'll let you know what was cooked with these zucchini tomorrow, in addition to a proper weekend recap. (Hint: I actually did something, again!!!, this weekend!)

*Have you ever tried to fit two huge gourds in your back pockets? What did you do this weekend?

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