Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pink Marrow

In the last week I've realized that I really enjoy strength training. Not like body-builder style, but through my BodyPump class at the local Y(MCA). I call it weight-lifting for girls, because most of the people in the class are women (and are prolly thinking "Muscle burns more calories than fat. Muscle burns more calories than fat. Muscle burns more calories than fat.") David calls my fitness classes at the gym "Girls Camp," and often sends me on my way by saying, "Be the best girl at girl camp today!"

Um, anyway. I like strength training because it makes me feel stronger and more confident. I know this sounds like some fitness magazine nonsense--you know, an article in which someone avers that eating carrots for a snack and salads for lunch and dinner is really way more satisfying than a beer and something carb-y. But, seriously, lifting weights makes me feel like my body is just generally more capable, that is, able to do isht. ("isht" is not a typo.) Instead of feeling like a failure because I've gained weight in ED recovery, I feel great that I can squat more and do more pushups than I could before I started BodyPump-ing.*

*(Disclaimer: that doesn't mean that I do pushups like GI Jane. Actually, when I do pushups my back is usually sagging like an old mattress, my whole body is tense with suffering, and I'm thinking, "Noooo...whyyyyyy....whyyyyyy?")

In other news, today I made a lunch choice that was unexpected on two levels. Firstly, I didn't eat a muffin top at Whole Foods. Secondly, I ate soup even though it is literally a hundred degrees outside.

That would be more Emerald Sesame Kale, sweet potato black bean soup, and a whole-grain roll. Does anyone else feel like sweet potatoes get overrated in Blogland? I mean, I know they're good for you, I know they taste pretty good, but are they really so good that they deserve to appear on many many many blog plates? 

Haruki also had a big day of eating over here too:

Any environmental or ethical boon that results from my vegetarianism is now outweighed by the fact that my dog eats beef bones. And she has no shame. I mean really--she chews the marrow out!!! (blech)

She is distracting herself from the noise coming from our roof, since today we are getting solar panels!! 


My family is really going to razz me as a hippy for this one. 

*If you are a girl, can you do a "real" pushup? If you are a vegetarian, do you feed your dog meat products?

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