Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Surprise!

This Sunday post is my penance for not posting last Monday. Lucky for youz, my Saturday consisted of more than just cleaning, reading, eating, and watching TV.

Yesterday was my ... bachelorette party! Actually, I should clarify that to say, "Yesterday was my pseudo-bachelorette party!" YAY!

That means that it was not the penis-driven, alcohol soaked party that most brides tend to get. In case you hadn't noticed, I become awkward around anything that is traditionally feminine or girly, including bridal/baby showers, bachelorette parties, and saying the word "panties."

So instead, David and I went to have dinner and drinks with my brothers (Chris and Brian) and their wives (Sarah and Jennifer). We headed down to my old non-stomping grounds, the Arvada Beer Company. As I mentioned to them last night, a trip to my real stomping grounds wasn't possible because the Arvada Library closes at five on Saturdays:-)

The Arvada Beer Company is a newish microbrewery in the center of Olde Town Arvada (where I'm from), and while they don't actually serve anything but beer there, they do let you order in food from a number of nearby establishments.

David and I had some pizza from Udi's Bakery to go along with our extensive beer sampler. I had the squash/goat cheese/arugula pizza, and he had a disgusting mushroom crap pie. Sometimes I think he orders stuff with mushrooms in it because he knows that I will never ask to taste it if it is covered in slimy squishy mushrooms.

My pizza was great--the arugula and the roasted squash were a great compliment to the goat cheese, which for some reason seems healthier that a thick coating of mozzarella cheese. Thoughts?

A sliver of the beers we tried:

That's my brother Chris on the left and my SIL Sarah's breasts on the right. 

Chris and Sarah have been married seven happy years now:

Seven years ... with little to no physical violence.
After drinking too much beer, Chris decided that we should walk across the street to a bar with some real hard alcohol character.

While I did resist all entreaties to do shots in celebration of our upcoming wedding, I did drink a bit too much beer (about three total), which means that today I'm a little headachy:-)

But it sure was nice to catch up with my brothers and my favorite SILs.

Sarah, Chris, and Brian.
Sorry, Jen. I wanted to show a picture of you too, but the only pics I got of you seem to be of your breasts?!

Can't wait for some post-wedding drunken dancing next Saturday!


  1. I love mushrooms. Love 'em. And I hate kale. Do you still want to be internet friends with me?

    I didn't have a traditional bachelorette party either. Actually I didn't have any at all. Not even a fun dinner. Mushroom pizza sure would have been nice though . . .

    1. I'm down if you are:-)

      And by the way, I can't remember if I commented on the post where you talked about all the house repair/remodel stuff you do yourself, but WTF!!! --that's awesome, even if it does make me look really bad in comparison. . .