Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Oh my I'm tired. I'm also going to stop complaining about being tired asap. You're welcome. Today was a bit of a transition day as I am trying to wean myself off my recent sugar diet and start eating the way that makes me feel best. Does anyone suspect a correlation between my lethargy and my sugar coma? Despite a lot of therapy designed to get me "in tune" with my body and its cues, I'm still just barely able to notice that eating wedding cake for three days straight (and I don't just mean one bite) makes me feel sluggish. Oh well, progress is progress, right?

So, as for that wedding...it was great! Seriously, it was just as we planned it, from the very casual pizza/beer dinner we had the night before, to the wedding itself, to the next-day brunch. I love Crested Butte, Colorado, I felt so grateful to be surrounded by my family members, and most of all I'm glad that David and I had a lovely weekend to celebrate our marriage.

I'll give you all a bit more detail later when I've compiled a few more photos, but for now here is a brief photographic summary of the wedding day and ceremony.

First things first: a great mountain bike ride on the 401 trail just outside of Gothic, Colorado:

From left: My pops (Dad), my SIL Sarah, my brother Chris, and my (twin) brother Brian. Unpictured: the groom.
This was way better than getting my nails done before the ceremony ... nothing makes me happier than being on vacation and riding bikes with David, my Dad, my brothers, and Sarah.

After our bike ride, David and I finished writing our vows (a smidge late, huh?) and I hustled to the hair salon, where I had a nice though rather bumbling older lady give me a fancy hairdo. By fancy I mean that she braided a bit of my hair and pulled it back so my hair was half up and half down. Apparently it was puh-retty! 

Then I headed to my parents' hotel room, put my dress on, put some makeup on, and started getting nervous...

I don't at all remember this picture or pose--still shaking my head on what prompted me to look this sassy.

That random guy oogling us is actually the person who married us. 
And just for good measure, this is the picture that Sarah posted on Facebook with the caption, "What a sweet ass--with Nikki at Lil's Sushi Bar and Grill":

*How sweet is your ass? 


  1. I can't remember if you said you were going to have an outdoor wedding or not in a previous post, but that is awesome. Your dress is really pretty also. Simple but elegant. (Sorry if these comments are creepy since I don't really know you, but your whole wedding looks really nice and you look really beautiful). And since I feel like I have already crossed a line, I do think I have a sweet ass. It is one of the areas I'm pretty okay with. Thanks for asking :)

  2. You haven't hit creepy yet, so feel free to keep going:-)
    And yay for your sweet ass! Bottoms are definitely "in," so if you've got a nice one then you're lucky!
    Personally, I think my ass is semi-sweet, but it's nice to hear my SIL say good things about it.