Thursday, August 23, 2012

Random Schtuff Thursday

Random point #1:

Things around here have been pretty boring lately. Good, but boring. For example, while I thought most of the wedding work would end with the wedding, it turns out that you have to send thank you cards to the peeps who came to the wedding. Luckily we only invited our sisters, brothers, parents, and nieces and nephews, but geez--add this to my list of reasons I don't want to have a big wedding for my second marriage.

I wonder if my advisor will accept this photo as an explanation for my dissertation introduction,
which is not writing itself.

Random Point #2:

I've also been spending time running errands and taking care of business for my "journal job," that is, my job as an editor of an academic journal. This is my last month working for the journal, which means that there are a few things that need to get straightened out and finished before I'm done. Of course, this means that come September 1 my only job will be finishing my dissertation. I'm on fellowship this year, which means that I don't even have to teach--woohoo!

Random Point #3:

Tofu...please tell me you love it too! (Also, please tell me how you prepare it!) I go through phases where I want it everyday, which explains why this was my afternoon snack:

Random Point #4:

I've been taking Haruki out for her evening pee break this week. This is scary because I often come across bear scat while walking around our house, and David has seen mountain lions before too. To frighten away said wildlife, I decided to walk Haruki with:

1) a can of bear spray in my back pocket
2) a high-powered head lamp so I can see if something is stalking us
3) a pink baseball bat
and 4) a popped umbrella that I hold very high over my head so the mountain lions think I'm really big. (Or really stupid, you be the judge).

*Seriously, tell me how to make tofu taste good at home??!!

P.S. Here are some pics of animal tracks that David and I came across while hiking in Crested Butte over our wedding weekend...scary bizness!!

I have a feeling that an umbrella isn't going to scare these creatures away. Luckily, a mountain lion will prolly attack Haruki first. We're currently thinking about getting a really small dog so that in case of an encounter David, Haruki, and I will all be safe. (Sorry to all the small dog lovers).*

*This is a joke. Please have a beer if this upset you.


  1. Ditch the bear spray, carry a shotgun. Yikes. I cannot imagine running across a bear!! If it makes you feel any better my folks live in a regular ol' neighborhood and a few years back there was an owl attacking small dogs and eating all the fish from their tiny bathtub sized Koi pond. An owl. Crazy.

  2. I actually feel nervous carrying the bear spray mostly because I'm certain that I'll accidentally discharge it and spray myself with it...A shotgun just _might_ be too much for me:-)