Friday, August 17, 2012

Day Date

How sad. I've only been married six days and I'm already going on dates alone.

I should add that the reason I'm dating myself is that my "date" was at two-thirty in the afternoon. Yah. After my kickboxing class and a shower at the gym, I headed straight to Native Foods ( for piiiiiizza (pizza).

This is their "Very Voluptuous Veggie Pizza," and as you can see, it really does have mounds of kale. It's like a salad, only with whole wheat pesto-coated crust underneath--yum! (A former anorexic's dream, if you ask me!)

After my lunch date (i.e. after I scarfed 3/4 of this pizza very quickly while reading blogs) I headed to the multiplex for a little Friday afternoon movie. Does anyone else want to weigh in on going to the movies alone? I have never eaten at a sit-down restaurant--one with a waiter--before, but I absolutely love going to the movies by myself. This is especially true if it's a weekday and it's in the middle of said weekday. Yah, you get a lot of blue hairs who like to chat, but it's just so ├╝ber relaxing to escape on a weekday.

Today I saw the new Bourne movie. It was good. Not a stellar or high-quality movie, but a movie with a good cast, a decent and diverting story, and exotic locations like Thailand, the Phillipines, Pakistan, etc. I'm really showing my geek streak here, but going to movies like this one is enjoyable for the same reason that reading is, namely, because it's almost as good as actually going to a new place or meeting new people.

After the movies, I grabbed a few things from the grocery store before heading home to a dinner of leftover tofu cubes, toast with Nuttzo butter, and an apple with Nuttzo butter ( I swear that Nuttzo butter is going to be the death of me...I truly cannot afford it, but I am also unable to stop eating it--gah!

This weekend is looking pretty low-key--just cleaning up the house, putting away some things I still haven't unpacked since we moved in, going out with friends tomorrow night, and maybe even giving Haruki a bath. (Shhh--don't tell her).

*What are you up to this weekend?

P.S. Until I start taking more photos of my day-to-day activities (like a good food blogger), I'm going to post a few wedding pictures...hehe. Enjoy. Hehe.

This is my scary "Popping Neck Vein" pose, aka, the throwing of the bouquet:-)


  1. I have never been to a sit down restaurant or a movie alone, pretty much because Im cheap and rarely eat out or go to movies. Mostly I go when my friends want to do something.
    This weekend I have homework. I have not even started school and already I have homework due Monday. Also, I am obsessively cleaning and organizing because I am a bit nervous to start school on Monday and that is how I cope. But I am going to have the cleanest room afterwards, so I am happy.

  2. Having everything neat and organized really is the best way to start a new semester!
    Good luck on your first day today!!!