Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Uszch

As in, "it's back to the usual today."

Meh. Now I know why people go straight on their honeymoons after getting married.

On that note, I don't think I've mentioned where David and I will be "honeymooning." I put honeymooning in scare quotes because we won't be going until Thanksgiving, as that's when the university gives us a week off.

For our honeymoon we decided to go to ... France and Switzerland! (Gasp!)
This is kind of a big deal for me, since it's only my second trip overseas and I've wanted to go to France and Switzerland for a long long time. It's also kind of fitting, since it was on my first trip overseas--to England--last year at Thanksgiving that David proposed to me. (I also put "honeymoon" in quotes because we had to call it a honeymoon or my mother would get pissed that we were gone for two Thanksgivings in a row. Honeymoon=best excuse to avoid a fried turkey ever!) (Also, I'm hoping that calling it a honeymoon will prompt hotel managers to send champagne to our room. Does that make me white trash?)

Some things I'm looking forward to on the trip:

1) Eating a croissant and looking around furtively, only to discover that croissants aren't "bad" in France the way they are "bad" in the US. As far as guilt and food go, France > United States. Croissants for everybody!

2) Visiting the Père Lachaise Cemetery:
3) Watching David try to speak rudimentary French. I suspect those French peeps are going to hate how effusive and goofy he is...

And, just so you guys have something to look forward to, maybe I'll even get a decent camera by then so you can see some pretty pics of our travels rather than iPhone pictures of half-eaten croissants left on dirty plates in dark cafes. (Everybody wins!)

*Did you go on a honeymoon? Where?


  1. I meant to comment to you forever ago (okay, well at least Monday) but I am here now. You looked beautiful in your dress!! Congrats on your new life as a Mrs. I think it's nice you took his name (it would have been equally nice if he had taken yours of course) - makes ya really feel like a family. It did me anyway. You'll find yourself signing the old one for awhile though.

    Absolutely ham up the honeymoon. We went to Hawaii and got some free drinks on the plane.

  2. Enjoy your "honeymoon"! I traveled through Europe on a school trip at the ripe old age of 17 and one of the highlights for me was exploring Père Lachaise Cemetery. An incredible place. Granted my teenage self was pretty excited about Jim Morrison's grave, but that's OK.

    1. I guess even your seventeen year-old self was a "pimp" too. Maybe go as the Lizard King for Halloween, with Joanna as your "employee?"