Friday, August 3, 2012

Blueberry 'Splosion

Sometimes I think my dog's eyelashes are too short. But then I think, "Shut the f*&$ up, Nikki. Do some work for a change."

Do you talk to yourself like this? Or do you all speak sweet nothings and words of encouragement in your head?

Schhooooooo, anyhow, after that cry-baby post about how I don't cook dinner anymore, yesterday David and I made dinner for our friends Adam and Rebecca. Rebecca will be staying with Haruki and her defective eyelashes next week while we're getting married in Crested Butte. Thus, their meeting was an important one. Luckily, it went well, largely because Rebecca was nice enough to let Haruki lick her nose--a very important method that Haruki uses to test new people.

For dinner, we had David's Spicy Seitan Burritos:

The best part of dinner, however, was that we were able to eat outside on our deck since our deck furniture was delivered yesterday! Who isn't relaxed and happy when eating a burrito and drinking a beer outside? (Your mom.) (Shrug.)*

After it cooled down a bit and we finished dinner, we went inside to have dessert, which I had made that afternoon. It was the same Almond/Banana Cake that I've made before, although this time I decided to spruce it up with a boatload of fresh blueberries that I tossed into the batter. The result was even better than the original version of the recipe!

Sometimes I feel sorry for our dinner guests because we always serve some whole-wheat, lightly-sweetened loaf of crap for dessert instead of Ben and Jerry's or a huge f'in chocolate cake. Sorry, peeps.

After dinner, we went over some logistics with Rebecca about dogsitting for Haruki, at which point David demonstrated how he outfits himself to take her on her night walks.

While there are mountain lions and bears and foxes where we live, we all decided that this might be a little bit of overkill:

Yah. That's the brightest headlamp that Black Diamond makes, along with a hot pink (and pint-sized) baseball bat and a canister of bear spray. On the off-chance that this actually tempts wildlife to attack David and/or Haruki, I'm hoping that Haruki has the good sense to run away quickly when David starts swinging at things wildly and shooting that bear spray at everything. Sigh.

Happy Friday, peeps!

*(Shrug.) = geez I got nothing funny today. (This little notation will be a common feature on NCK.)

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