Thursday, August 16, 2012

Today Was a Good Day (Didn't Have to Use My AK)

Today has been a good day. I have a feeling that it was a good day in part because it also happens to be Thursday. Like I've said before, not having a typical 9-5, M-F job doesn't stop me from dreading Monday and looking forward to the weekend. Go figure.

Today was also good because I got a few things crossed off my crap to-do list. For instance, I returned the cake stands that we rented for our wedding cake, I set up my locker rental at the gym:

Now I have an official place to store my schiz-nit while I'm at the gym.
and I also took care of some errands for the journal that I edit.

Some of these errands took me to campus, where I was treated with the sight of lots of nervous parents getting ready to leave their freshman children for their first semesters at college. It didn't make me think this at the time, but writing about it now makes me think back to when my parents "left" me all alone at college. To this day I'm still shocked that I couldn't care less when my parents drove off to return to Colorado. I was an extremely homesick kid and adolescent, so I was expecting a total disaster scene when they left me in a new state where I had no friends and no family. (Full disclaimer: the disaster scene did come, but not until November, when the winter set in and I realized how much I missed the Colorado sunshine).

At any rate, I always think it's kind of adorable to see the freshman students and their parents, though I also cringe because I know that while they might be embarking on some of the "best years of their lives," they are also embarking on some of the most challenging. Anyone with me here, or was it all roses for you in your early 20's?

Finally, today was also good because I got lots of quality time with Haruki. We've had a number of workers over at our house recently, trying to finish the f-ing thing, and their penchant for using loud machines really freaks Ruki out. Hence the intense clingy-ness:

When I'm scared David just explains to me that my fears are irrational. Sigh. I think Haruki's got it better.

And just for good measure, a random wedding picture that my sister-in-law passed along. (Please let me know if you really don't want to see anymore wedding pics. They are starting to trickle in from my family but I won't post them if you all feel gaggy when you see them).

*Did you cry when your parents/guardian peeps dropped you off at college?


  1. I never went away for college, but I did go to treatment for an eating disorder on multiple occasions and each time my parents left I cried, screamed, and was terrified of being left in a place SOOO far from home!

  2. That sounds way more difficult than leaving for college, where in principal you actually want to be there and chose to go there...I definitely would've freaked my shit if I was in your situation!

  3. I didn't shed any tears when being dropped off at college. But my Mom sure did. I still remember that day as a good day. I even saw the lights of the Goodyear Blimp, and it read "Mike @ Midwestern Bite's a Pimp."