Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Challenge!

So, bloggers out there: how do you remember to photograph what you eat (if you do include such photos on your blog)?

The reason I ask is that I've forgotten to take pictures of what I eat for the last week or so. On our way to dinner at Aji last weekend, David and I both vowed to remember to take pictures of the food. And yet, I got nothin' to show for dinner there. Likewise, all I have to show you of my eats today is this:

This plate is ugly and looks dirty. Don't judge: all of our dishware is courtesy of the insurance company (i.e. because our house burned down, remember?) and we live in the mountains and have hard water that leaves spots on everything.

This is a recently-deceased muffin top. (I've decided that I'm going to be the only bride in the history of marriage who actually gains weight for her wedding day.)

Anyway, back to my point: this isn't even a picture of the actual muffin top, and not only that, but I have eaten more than said muffin top today. Yet I can't even produce pictures of empty containers to prove it. Sigh.

Maybe I should start an August challenge that involves taking pictures of my food. Bloggers seem to like having challenges and getting other bloggers to participate and follow along, so why not me and why not make the challenge one that you should be doing already?

I call it:

August Shape-Up: 
Stop Being a Shitty Blogger and Photograph Your Tofu and Kale Chips, Bitch*

Who's in? It will be great--instead of sending in pics of yourself looking really sweaty after a workout challenge, you guys can send in pics--ok, drawings--of things you've eaten. 

P.S. On occasion, I really enjoy swearing. Obviously. What's the protocol on swearing and blogs? Is it generally discouraged because it turns some readers off?

*This is what me and my old therapist called "Negative Self Talk." Apparently this is why I sometimes eat a whole bar of chocolate in one sitting.

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