Thursday, June 7, 2012


Greetings from...a different Whole Foods!!! Sometimes I'm even impressed with how well I deal with change.

It's lunch time, and I'm typing away while I finish the last bits of my lunch. Lunch today was a disjointed affair because I was supposed to volunteer for a conference being held in my department, but due to the weather our outdoor picnic was cancelled and I was left with time to kill before another eye doctor's appointment at 1:30.

I filled my time with some unpictured sesame kale, sugar (muffin top), brown rice chips, and some yummy roasted red pepper pesto:

Cornmeal blueberry muffin. Good idea, but too sweet:-(

I suspect Parmesan cheese is the reason that I liked this pesto so much!

After my eye appointment (just to have my new contact lenses checked out), I'm rushing to the grocery again to get ingredients to make dinner for my brother Brian, his wife Jennifer, and their new baby Ella. I don't know who is more nervous about dinner: the two vegetarians cooking it or the two meat-eaters to whom it will be served. David suggested Spicy Seitan burritos, but I think some kind of whole wheat pasta with this red pepper pesto is more likely to please the veggies and the guests!

*What do you serve when you have people over for dinner? If you're a vegetarian, do you consider preparing and serving meat? I would consider it, though my lack of handling meat (ever) would put my guests at high risk for e. coli. (You're welcome, Brian and Jennifer.)


  1. How did dinner go? Red pepper pesto sounds pretty good, I'm sure they liked it. I don't think you need to cook meat for guests if you don't eat it yourself. Though I would also stay away from fake meat if you're inviting meateaters, because a lot of people find it weird in my experience. I could never really warm up to it, even during my 5 year vegetarian phase. (That doesn't include tofu though.)
    I think veggie lasagne is usually a crowd pleaser, or roasted root vegetables with different dips, or pizza, or...

  2. Also, what happens to the bottoms of all these muffins?

  3. We have a muffin shelter for leftover muffin parts. David usually eats them:-)