Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"I Do"

In the spirit of my upcoming nuptials, I thought I'd write about all things wedding related today. (No, there will not be a wedding page with pictures of my bouquet and garter). (Also, there is no garter--that tradition seems strange and creepy to me). (Also, WTF is a garter, anyway?)

As you may know, David and I are getting married this Saturday, August 11 in Crested Butte, Colorado. We decided to include only immediate family members to keep it small, easy, and intimate, and we're even planning a mountain bike ride on Saturday morning before I get whisked away to get waxed, shaped, and styled.

By waxed, I mean that my mother is going to disappointedly ask me why I don't wax my eyebrows or moustache anymore--even for a special occasion like my wedding.

By shaped, I mean I've purchased and will most definitely be wearing a sexy sexy undergarment a la Bridget Jones.

By styled, I mean that I am going to have my hair "done," though as of now I have no plan for it, other than to tell the stylist to "do whatever." (I've done this once before for a regular haircut--with poor results).

Because we are leaving for Crested Butte tomorrow (Thursday), we've been running around doing lots of last minute errands to get ready.

Yesterday we picked out David's tie and shirt (nothing like leaving it for the last minute!) and we also picked up his wedding band, which we ordered about a week and a half ago from a jeweler in town. 

Here is my first attempt to photograph our wedding bands:

There are still workers here at our house, and the loud tools they use makes Haruki a bit scared and clingy.

Dog free:

David's band is sterling silver that has been oxidized to look like the color of gun metal. My band is a tiny white gold band with mini diamonds around it. And yes, that little red thing beside my ring is a small rose bud that David once gave me. I know--blech.

David was originally very much against wearing a wedding band, largely because he thinks they look girly but also because he thought it would feel uncomfortable. However, we were able to come to a compromise, since I agreed that I would change my name to his (Barnett) if he wore a wedding ring. So there you have it: a perfect example of how marriage makes people compromise until they are boring replicas of all other married people. 

*Do you wear a wedding band and/or did you change your name when you married? I thought my Dad would be proud of me when I first said I was keeping my name, but he actually said he thought it was "weird." Go figure.

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