Tuesday, July 31, 2012


My bad for being MIA yesterday. Even though I haven't explicitly stated so, it is my intention to post five days a week, usually Monday - Friday. This week we might be looking at Tuesday - Saturday, since yesterday was two smudges too busy to post.

David and I went down to Denver to babysit his niece and nephew for the day, after which we had to bustle ourselves back up to Boulder in time for Haruki's grumpy dog class. On that note, she is doing pretty well with her training, largely because the training consists of redirecting her anxiety/aggression towards other dogs into her desire for cheese, which she gets a shit-ton of in training.

This is the only picture I took yesterday:-(

This is Haruki trying to cuddle through the barrier that we got to save her if we were to get in a car accident. We are thinking that we ought to send this picture to the other dog owners in Haruki's grumpy dogs class--you know, so they know not to mess with Hannibal-Ruki.

Other highlights from the weekend include having dinner with friends at Aji (ajirestaurant.com). Company was good, dinner was "meh." The best thing I had was the Honey Brown beer I ordered.

We also got a chance to catch up with our long-lost friend Adam, who has recently returned to Boulder after a lengthy sojourn in his native UK. Adam made us tea--with a real live tea cosy!

Adam is also a professor of philosophy at CU Boulder, and is s.i.n.g.l.e.!!! Photos forthcoming!

And finally: agggggggghhhhh! Our wedding is next Saturday! (August 11, not August 4). Raise your hand if you thought next Saturday meant August 4. You're wrong. Booyah.

*Do you find yourself engaging in idiotic behavior just because you know it will mean a less-boring photograph for your blog?

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